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Find resources for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), and learn about MLA's ongoing work to strengthen DEI within MLA communities.

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Encourage your organization to sign on to MLA's Official Statements on how MLA supports hospital librarians, and encourages recognition of information professionals as authors on evidence synthesis publications.


Learn more about what the Academy of Health Information Professionals (AHIP) can do for you.

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In February 2023, MLA members organized and hosted more than 30 different events, welcoming members and non-members to Experience MLA. Special thanks to all the caucus, domain hub, and committee members that made this possible.

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Check out the recordings of this year's sessions below.

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Experience MLA 2023 Recordings

Select Recording, where available, to view the event. Some events not recorded by request.


Date/recording link (recording links visible to MLA members. Log in to view!)

Working Together: Collection Development as Community

Presented by: Collection Development Caucus (CDC)

February 2

Recording; Passcode: R!.5r6r.

Highlights in the Health Humanities

Presented by: Health Humanities Caucus

February 3

Recording; Passcode: Ik*WW9aR

Tech Services Tools of the Trade (TSC)

February 6

Recording; Passcode: n8Dy%iL3 

The "Hidden Curriculum" - Writing Your Personal Narrative

Presented by: Academic Librarians and Latinx Caucuses

February 6

Recording; Passcode: 0U!OsT6e 

Another Year in Pediatrics

Presented by: Pediatric Librarians Caucus

February 7

Recording: n/a

Finding Opportunities for Leadership: A Panel Discussion

Presented by: Leadership and Management Caucus (LMC)

February 7

Recording; Passcode: ^X4rFvQ# 

Employee Engagement and Retention

Presented by: Medical Library Education Caucus (MLEC) & Professional Retention and Recruitment Committee (PRRC)

February 8

Recording;  Passcode:*e2d+DzQ

All You Need to Know to Do an MLA Systematic Review Webinar

February 8

Free enrollment


Be Well MLA: Love Yourself (Self-Compassion) 

February 8

Recording; Passcode: qg*Sj.97 

The Chronicles of CAPHIS: How We Collaborate with Communities 

Presented by: Consumer and Patient Health Information Services Caucus (CAPHIS)

February 8

Recording;  Passcode:9tWhUd!+ 

The Sewell Travel Award for Public Health

Presented by: Public Health/Health Administration Caucus (PH/HA)

February 9

Recording; Passcode: sQjiA+Q7 

Vision Science Caucus Extravaganza

Presented by: Vision Science Caucus (VSC)

February 9

Recording; Passcode: 809qmz%p 

Demystifying the Job Search

Presented by: New Members Caucus

February 10

Recording; Passcode: Up1+hY6y 

"I’ve never done a systematic review. Where do I start?" Systematic Review Series (Session 1)

Presented by: African American Medical Librarians Alliance (AAMLA) and Systematic Reviews (SR) Caucuses

February 13

Recording; Passcode: 3.v#P2xU 

My Favorite Tool '23

Presented by: Technology in Education Caucus (TEC)

February 13

Recording; Passcode: ND4TG7.E 

Why I Love Being a Hospital Librarian

Presented by: Hospital Library Caucus (HLC)

February 14

Recording; Passcode: 3W.fszT. 

In addition:CeCe’s Railey's hospital librarianship story 

Open Mic

Presented by: Public Services Caucus (PSC)

February 14

Event not recorded 

Open Forum on Tools Which Make Our Work Days Easier

Presented by: Health Association and Corporate Librarians Caucus (HACL)

February 14

Recording; Passcode: !2jmW$dJ 

Systematic Reviews Caucus Networking

Presented by: Systematic Reviews Caucus (SR)

February 15

Experience MLA With the International Cooperation Caucus (ICC)

February 15

Recording; Passcode: 2W1#u1Yk 

Words of Wisdom Returns!

Presented by: African American Medical Librarians Alliance Caucus (AAMLA)

February 15

Recording; Passcode: w#0Wh=8F 

Rigor & Reproducibility in Animal-Based Research

Presented by: Animal and Veterinary Information Specialist (AVIS)

February 16

Recording; Passcode: Qz?82k=q 

A Discussion of Critical Appraisal

Presented by: Clinical Librarians & Evidence-Based Practice Caucus (CLEBP)

February 16

Recording; Passcode: 5@REkrx& 

Book Discussion - Eating While Black: Food Shaming and Race America (Session 1)

Presented by: African American Medical Librarians Alliance Caucus (AAMLA)

February 16

Event not recorded 

Avoid SR Pitfalls: Tips for Success, Systematic Review Series (Session 2)

Presented by: African American Medical Librarians Alliance (AAMLA) and Systematic Reviews (SR) Caucuses

February 20

Recording; Passcode: w=mwBp*4 

Virtual Resume Clinic

Presented by: Professional Recruitment and Retention Committee (PRRC)

February 20-28

(advance sign-up required)

DEI Living Library  (advance sign-up required)

Presented by: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

February 21

Event not recorded 

Incorporating Social Determinants of Health Into Library Instruction

Presented by: Libraries in the Health Sciences Curriculums Caucus (LiHSC)

February 22

Recording; Passcode: 4NW*z%CF 

PDI Show & Tell – Crafts and Collaborations

Presented by: Pharmacy & Drug Information Caucus (PDI)

February 22

Recording; Passcode: dyB3=k+x 

Book Discussion - Eating While Black: Food Shaming and Race America (Session 2)

Presented by: African American Medical Librarians Alliance Caucus (AAMLA)

February 23

Event not recorded

Disability…Visible: A Book Discussion Panel

Presented by: Accessibility & Disability Caucus

February 24

Event not recorded

NAHRS Isn't Just Nursing! A Panel with Allied Health Librarians About What They do for their Specific Programs.

Presented by: Nursing & Allied Health Resources & Services Caucus

February 27

Event Description

Recording; Passcode: 4r+@J@ax 

Book Discussion: Practicing Social Justice in Libraries

Presented by: Social Justice and Health Disparities Caucus

February 27

Recording; Passcode: F@hs#2QG 

Education Hub and Clinical Support Hubs Join in the MLA Experience

February 28

Recording; Passcode: 78=fFGG4 

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