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October Events
October 18, 2021
04:45 PM - 04:45 PM

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Beverly Murphy, AHIP, FMLA, Receives the 2021 Marcia C. Noyes Award

Beverly Murphy, AHIP, FMLA, Receives the 2021 Marcia C. Noyes Award
Thu July 29, 2021
Congratulations to Beverly Murphy, AHIP, FMLA, for receiving the highest honor that MLA confers, the Marcia C. Noyes Award.

Join us on August 5 for details on MLA '22 in New Orleans. You'll be able to ask questions and learn who won the New Orleans–themed raffle prizes!
Virtual podcast clubs are a great way to discuss current and historical events while creating new friendships and connections with your colleagues.
William G. Cooper, Honorary Member
John Albert Majors, Honorary Member
Janna C. Lawrence, Fellow
Michele Klein-Fedyshin, Fellow
Kristine Markovich Alpi, Fellow
The Southern Chapter of the Medical Library Association would love for you to join their annual chapter meeting October 4–7, 2021.
Congratulations to the winning research papers and posters from the MLA’21 vConference!
Meet I Am MLA Ambassador Shalu Gillum!
Libraries adapted to drastic changes in the last year. Read about the resilience of six librarians in Africa, Latin America, and North America.
Check out the books, articles, websites, videos, and music recommended during MLA '21.
Meet I Am MLA Ambassador Neville Prendergast!
DynaMed combines the most current clinical evidence with guidance from leading experts and a user-friendly, personalized experience to create a cutting-edge clinical decision support tool.

Meet I Am MLA Ambassador Julia M. Esparza!
Socially responsible investment is one of the objectives of MLA’s overall strategy on diversity, equity and inclusion. We now have an investment policy that includes objectives in community, employees, environment and governance.
Starting June 29, 2021, any unbilled transaction 180 days or older will be set to a $0 price and system approved. As a result, those transactions will appear in the "paid" tab for both the lender and borrower, at a $0 price.
Meet I Am MLA Ambassador Hanna Schmillen!
What are your research interests? Compare with the word cloud of interests from applicants to the 2021 RTI program.
Lending libraries who have to apply special pricing to one or more libraries, and that cannot do this via a DOCLINE group, can now create a custom pricing group with an associated ILL pricing table. This will result in lower admin time.
Meet I Am MLA Ambassador E. Bailey Sterling.
MLA signs onto CHLA ABSC statement on importance of hospital libraries
Meet I Am MLA Ambassador Tenley Sablatzky!
The Northern California & Nevada Medical Library Group stands in solidarity with our Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi American colleagues.
Our premier product, STAT!Ref®, is a subscription-based, online healthcare e-reference library.
From May 24-27, join your colleagues for lightning talks, paper meet-ups, interactive immersion sessions, and engaging keynote speakers during Live Action Week at MLA '21.
The Joint Research Program Committee invites poster, paper, and lightning talk abstract submissions on any health sciences librarianship topic for the 2021 MCMLA/Midwest Joint Chapter Meeting.
MLA is pleased to announce the 2021 Research Training Institute (RTI) fellows!
We are pleased to continue our community outreach and are honored to partner with Community of Hope, a rapidly growing, innovative, and mission-driven nonprofit organization that provides housing, healthcare, and supportive services for low-income families in Washington, DC.
The MLA Statement of Appropriate Conduct applies to all MLA members, nonmembers, invited guests, speakers, moderators, instructors, exhibitors, staff, and all others who participate in an MLA activity or event.
Eliminate Distractions: Homes and offices often abound with distractions fighting for your attention, so you need to prioritize the time you have set aside for a virtual conference.
Read about I Am MLA Ambassador Patti McCall-Wright.
North Atlantic Health Sciences Libraries, Inc. invites you to attend the annual conference: Starting from Scratch: Taking Charge of Change - a celebration of 63 years of membership and resiliency.
The Systematic Review Caucus of the Medical Library Association condemns all acts of violence and hate against marginalized communities and communities of color.
Join the Network of the National Library of Medicine on May 17, 2021 at MLA '21 to learn about the future of NNLM, including its new configuration, partnerships and opportunities available.
Register now for the recorded webinar, Tell Your Research Story: Visualization, Design, and Messaging.
Register now for the recorded webinar, The Fundamentals of Library Program and Service Evaluation originally held on April 27.
MLA 2021 Conference Content Metrics

Each conference the National Program Committee Contributed Content Working Group (CCWG) reviews and updates selection rubrics for papers, immersion sessions, lightning talks, and posters.
The Journal of the Medical Library Association (JMLA) seeks applicants for editorial board members. Apply for editorial board membership by May 31, 2021.
Kickoff your MLA '21 experience on Monday, May 10 with a live opening session and the start of the first exploration week.

Come to MLA ‘22 in New Orleans!

Continuing to Foster Community Through a Weekly Virtual Podcast Club

Cooper, William G.*

Majors, John Albert*

Majors, William Harcourt*

Stewart, David W.C.*

Wickersheimer, Ernest*

Walton, Linda J.

Lawrence, Janna C.

Klein-Fedyshin, Michele

Alpi, Kristine Markovich

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