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MLA ’18 Topics

Picking what session to attend, meeting to participate in, or poster to study can be overwhelming. Explore the full details on all program sessions and content using the itinerary planner. Note:

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Consumer Health

Clear your agenda for Tuesday and Wednesday to attend the Symposium on Health Information for Public Librarians. It is opened to all meeting attendees and is designed for public librarians and health sciences librarians to meet the urgent need to increase the quality and quantity of health information services to the public.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion will center stage throughout the meeting, in both MLA association life and in program sessions on implicit bias, health disparities, disability, outreach, empathy, and more.

Date/Time Type Description
Sun 2–2:55pm Poster

#21 - The Transforming Landscape of Cultural Diversity in the Biomedical Literature

#31 - Design and Validation of Search Filters for LGBTQ+ Populations

Sun 3–4:25pm Special Content Session

Transforming Libraries Using Implicit Bias Training

This session will provide attendees with an overview of implicit bias, the impact it has in libraries and in health care, and more importantly how it stands in the way of diversity and inclusion.

Sun 4:30–5:25pm MLA Speak your views on diversity and inclusion at the Open Forum on MLA Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Goal.
Mon 11:35–11:50am Program Session Expanding Empathy, Discovering Diversity: A Librarian-Led Fiction Book Club for Health Care Employees
Mon 1:35–1:40pm Lightning Talk Participatory Leadership in Library Strategic Planning
Mon 1:35–1:40pm Lightning Talk Diversity includes Disability: An Informationist’s Role
Mon 5–6:25pm MLA Diversity and Inclusion Task Force Fishbowl Meeting (by invite only)
Tue 9–10:30am Keynote Please join us in celebrating MLA’s first African-American President, Beverly Murphy, AHIP, FMLA. Beverly will share her thoughts with us during her address at the end of the MLA Business Meeting.
Tue 1–1:55pm Symposium

Overcoming Barriers and Challenges in understanding the All of Us Research Program

Providing health information to the public can be a daunting experience at first. What is my role vs. the medical practitioner? What about privacy issues and liability? What can I say or do, or can't? How do I improve my understanding of precision medicine and medical issues to effectively inform the public?

Tue 1–1:55pm Poster

#53 - Building an Assistive Technology Workspace

#99 - Validating the MEDLINE®/PubMed® Health Disparities and Minority Health Search Strategy–Spotlight: Race and Ethnicity

Tue 2–2:55pm Poster

#70 - C2 Pipeline: Librarians Serving High School Students to Promote Health Literacy and Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine (STEM) Career Path Equity

#34 - Immigrants in the Sciences

Tue 2–2:55pm Special Content Session

Exploring Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities Research Citation Patterns

The objective is to identify the most heavily cited journal titles, publication types, and subject disciplines in health disparities research. The overall goal is to assist librarians with collection assessment for diversity and disparity-related research, and to provide a resource to assist faculty with identifying potential sources for publication.

Tue 3–4:25pm Special Content Session

Transforming Libraries through Diversity and Inclusion: Leading the Way

This session will provide attendees with an overview of implicit bias, the impact it has on libraries and in healthcare, and more importantly how it stands in the way of diversity and inclusion.

Tue 3:20–3:35pm Program Session

What Each of us Needs to Know about All of Us: 1 Million+ People and the Precision Medicine Initiative

Wed 9–10:15am Keynote Dara Richardson-Heron, MD
Chief Engagement Officer, All of Us Research Initiative, National Institutes of Health
Wed 10:30am–noon Keynote

David Satcher, MD, PhD
Physician-scientist and public health administrator, sixteenth surgeon general of the United States

Data Management

Get Ready for Immersion: Data Science, Service, and Management at MLA ’18! Need a jump-start to provide data services and support? Or just need to supplement your expertise with new ideas from other experienced colleagues?

More than 30 instructors and presenters will highlight medical librarians’ activities with data science, services, and management in Atlanta.

Date/Time Type Description
Sat 8am–noon CE Course CE 501 - Introduction to Data Visualization Principles
Sat 10am–5pm CE Course CE 500 - What Did You Hear? Qualitative Data Analysis
Sat 1–5pm CE Course CE 503 - Introduction to Data Analysis and Visualization with R
Sat 1–5pm CE Course CE 201 - Health Information Technology and Health Data Standards Resources and Services at NLM
Sun 3:10–3:15pm Lighting Talk Transform Data into a Visual Story
Sun 4–4:05pm Lighting Talk Leading the Data Discovery Charge: A Cross-Institutional Collaboration to Index Research Data
Mon 10:30–10:35am Lighting Talk Using Data to Transform and Lead Library Instruction
Mon 10:50–11:05am Program Session Adapting Data Management Training to Support Clinical Research
Mon 10:59–11:11am Program Session Needs Assessment for Data Services and Training at a Research University
Mon 11:05–11:20am Program Session Establishing a Secure Data Core for Medical Research and Data Curation
Mon 11:11–11:23am Program Session Many Hands Make Light Work: Leveraging Campus Expertise to Provide Data Science Support
Mon 1–2:25am Special Content Session Collecting Data in the Field: Overview and Stories from Investigations
Mon 1–2:25am Special Content Session Show Me a Story: Data Storytelling Using Familiar Tools
Mon 1:05–1:20pm Program Session A Pilot Project to Facilitate the Development of Data Services at Health Sciences Libraries
Mon 1:20–1:35pm Program Session Standardizing Documentation and Curation Practices to Improve Reuse of Data from Structured Searches and Systematic Reviews
Mon 1:30–1:35pm Lighting Talk Need Stats Support? We've Got Students for That
Mon 1:55–2pm Lighting Talk Data Papers: How Librarians Can Promote Data Sharing
Mon 2–2:05pm Lighting Talk Harvard's Legacy for Data Services
Mon 2:30–3:25pm Poster #76 - Using Data Interviews to Inform Improvements in Research Data Management Infrastructure and Services
Tue 2–2:55pm Poster #106 - The Center for Data to Health (CD2H): Leveraging Library Expertise
Tue 3:15–3:20pm Lightning Talk Hailing Your Champions: Interdisciplinary Reproducibility in Action
Tue 3:25–3:30pm Lightning Talk I’m a Real Boy Now: Moving from Excel to Factor Analysis for Analyzing Survey Data
Tue 4:05–4:10pm Lightning Talk The National Library of Medicine Biomedical and Health Research Data Management for Librarians Online Course: A Student’s Perspective

Scholarly Publishing and Open-Access

Staying up to date on scholarly publishing and open access is an essential part of being a leader. Learn, share, and dialog with your peers on the latest developments,

Date/Time Type Description
Fri 1–5pm CE Course CE 600 - Dissemination in Action: Communicating Research in a Digital World
Sun 3:53–4:05pm Program Session Ephemeral Citation in Biomedical Literature, a Comparative Content Analysis
Sun 4:05–4:17pm Program Session Leading Easy Access to Content: RA21 Pilots Transform Researcher Productivity and Privacy
Mon 11:20–11:35am Program Session Regarding Retractions: The Representation of Retracted Publications in Mental Health Literature
Mon 11:35–11:47am Program Session Using an Adapted Tool to Transform Medical School Faculty Evaluation of Open Access Journals and Lead to Wider Campus Acceptance of Open Access Publishing
Mon 1:05-1:10pm Lightning Talk Building a Framework to Guide Residents through Scholarly Activities
Mon 2:05–2:20pm Program Session Wolf in the Fold: Quality of Databases and Digital Repositories Post-Beall’s List
Sun 2-2:55pm Poster #35 - Developing a Protocol for Tracking Publications by Grant Numbers
Mon 2:30-3:25pm Poster #132 - Communicating the Concept and Value of Open Science
Tue 3:50-3:55pm Lightning Talk Scholarly Connections: Assessing Interdisciplinary Collaboration through Citation Data Exploration
Tue 1-1:55pm Poster

#25 - An Innovative Tool for National Institutes of Health Public Access Policy Compliance (Tuesday, May 22 1:00 PM – 1:55 PM)

#113 - Prevalence of Publication in Predatory Journals at Emory University

#141 - Searching by Author Affiliation: Challenges in Tracking Faculty Research Output

#145 - Taking Action for Open Access: Upload-a-Thon at the Faculty of Dentistry

#157 - Transforming Print to Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Tue 2-2:55pm Poster #42 - Development of a Writing and Publishing Series for National Institutes of Health and US Department of Health and Human Services Analysts, Clinicians, Fellows, and Researchers

Research and Evidence-Based Practice

Providing information that supports the research and evidence-based practice in your institution is one of the critical roles of a librarian. Strengthen your expertise in expert searching, systematic reviews, and more.

Date/Time Type Description
Fri 10am–5pm CE Course CE 100 - Advanced Searching Techniques and Advanced Strategy Design
Fri 1-5pm CE Course CE 502 - Statistics 101: A Primer in Statistical Methods for Health Sciences Librarians
Sat 8am-noon CE Course CE 103 - Effectiveness and Efficiency in Exhaustive Searches
Sat 10am-5pm CE Course CE 101 - Performing Systematic Reviews in Resource- Limited Settings
Sat 1-5pm CE Course CE 104 - Trials without Tribulations: Identifying Clinical Trials for Systematic Reviews and Other Clinical and Research Questions
Mon 10:50-10:55am Lightning Talk Benchmarking Participation of Veterinary Librarians in Systematic Reviews and Scoping Reviews
Mon 11:35-11:40am Lightning Talk Leveraging Our Strengths: Building Capacity for Sustainable Integration into Systematic Review Projects
Mon 1:35-1:40pm Lightning Talk Leading Nurses Up the Clinical Ladder
Sun 2-2:55pm Poster

#19 - Cost, Quality, Access, and Policy: Creating a Portal for Health Services Researchers

#23 - Covidence vs. Rayyan: A Comparison of Systematic Review Tools

#31 - Design and Validation of Search Filters for LGBTQ+ Populations

#43 - Development of Bioinformatics Services in the Library: Understanding Researcher’s Bioinformatics Support Needs

#51 - Different Research: Different Searches

#55 - Digital Tools for Managing Different Steps of the Systematic Review Process

#63 - Doing It Right: Assessing the Impact of a Multi-Day Systematic Review Retreat for Researchers

#87 - Evaluation of Tools Used in Systematic Review Study Selection and Evaluation

Sun 3-4:25pm Special Content Session Research Roadmap: Understanding the Research Process
Sun 3:05-3:10pm Lightning Talk Impacting the Spiritual Health of Patients through Research
Sun 3:20-3:25pm Lightning Talk Precision Medicine Tool Kit
Sun 3:25-3:30pm Lightning Talk Talking ORCID
Sun 3:23-3:41pm Program Session Forecasting Science: Identification of Research Needs through Collaboration
Sun 3:29-3:41pm Program Session Creating New Research Services: Library Support for Electronic Lab Notebooks
Sun 3:41-3:53pm Program Session Developing a Program for Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Compliance: Benefits for Researchers and Libraries
Sun 3:59-4:17pm Program Session Information Science Solutions to Communicating Public Health Research Findings to the Public
Mon 11:35-11:50am Program Session Reproducibility Guidelines and Medical Librarians: Adapting Expertise, Transforming Services, Leading Change
Mon 1:20-1:35pm Program Session Standardizing Documentation and Curation Practices to Improve Reuse of Data from Structured Searches and Systematic Reviews
Mon 1:23-1:41pm Program Session Giving Us Our Due: Are Librarians Acknowledged for Their Work in Nursing Systematic Reviews?
Mon 1:41-1:59pm Program Session Empowering Nurses and Mentors with an Innovative, Online Roadmap for Evidence-Based Practice
Mon 1:59-2:17pm Program Session Is This a Systematic Review? A Librarian Assessment of Adherence to PRISMA Guidelines in Published Systematic Reviews
Mon 2:30-3:25pm Poster

#24 - Adapting Research Impact Assessment to Laboratory Practice Guideline Development Projects

#28 - Transformations in Research Support for Public Health Scholars

#40 - Transforming the Library's Education Services One Systematic Review at a Tim

#76 - Using Data Interviews to Inform Improvements in Research Data Management Infrastructure and Services

Tue 1-1:55pm Poster

#17 - Adapting a Game for Teaching Research Methods

#29 - Ask the Research Experts: Everything in One Convenient Location @ the Lamar Soutter Library

#45 - Building Resilience through Research: National Institutes of Health Disaster Research Response Project

#72 - Pieces of the Professional Puzzle: Systematic Review Competence as Professional Competence

#117 - Provision of Research Assessment Services in Academic Health Sciences Libraries

#149 - Adapting to New Needs in a Complex Research Environment

#152 - Research Impact Core: A Research Impact Initiative at the University of Michigan

#169 - Transforming the Systematic Review Service

Tue 3:05-3:23pm Program Session Exploring the Role of DistillerSR in Successfully Completing Systematic Reviews
Tue 3:17-3:29pm Program Session Providing the Updated Evidence for Medical Cannabis Recommendations
Tue 3:53-4:05 Program Session What I Wish I Had Known When I Designed My First Clinical Trial and Now Share during Reference Interactions with Novice Researchers
Tue 3:05-3:20pm Program Session Institutional Research Impact Assessment: How I Learned That Good Can Be Better than Perfect
Tue 3:23-3:41pm Program Session Common Barriers to Replicability and Retrieval in Systematic Review Search Strategies
Tue 3:41-3:59pm Program Session Librarians in Systematic Review Teams: Extracting Patterns of Roles and Tasks from the Published Literature
Tue 3:55-4pm Lightning Talk Writing Test Items for National Board of Medical Examiners Shelf Exams: Innovative Involvement in Medical Education Assessment
Tue 3:59-4:17pm Program Session Literature Search Methods and Reporting in Highly Cited Systematic Reviews

Marketing and Outreach

Innovate to make your library a must-go-to space and to build your personal brand.

Date/Time Type Description
Fri 1–5pm CE Course CE 600 - Building Partnerships with Faculty, Clinicians, and Other Stakeholders 
Sat 8am–noon CE Course CE 301 - Peeking Under the Hood: Understanding, Assessing, and Improving Your Library’s Website and LibGuides
Sat 1–5pm CE Course CE 104 - Upping Your Reference Game: Technologies and Strategies for Value-Added Reference Services
Sun 2–2:55pm Poster #127 - Hospital Library Benchmarking Study
Sun 3:55–4pm Lightning Talk Clinical Informationist Phoenix Rises to Deliver Quality Library Service for Virtua
Sun 4:05–4:10pm Lightning Talk Transforming the Archives into a Celebration: Nurses’ Week
Mon 10:35–10:47am Program Session Making Space for a Makerspace: 3D Printing and Scanning in a Health Sciences Library
Mon 1:15–1:20pm Lighting Talk From Transactional Service Model to Programmatic Approach: The Design, Implementation, and Measurement of Engaging User Experiences in a Knowledge Center
Mon 1:20–1:25pm Lighting Talk It’s Crunch Time: Adapting and Transforming Hospital Libraries to Support Institutional Budget Goals
Mon 1:40–1:45pm Lighting Talk The 4Be’s: A First-Year Medical Librarian’s Strategy for Immersion in a Liaison Area
Mon 2:30–3:25pm Poster

#112 - What's All The Buzz? A Library-Sponsored Spelling Bee

#158 - Transforming Library Communications with a Tap: Using iBooks to Familiarize Students, Faculty, and Staff with a New Health Sciences Library

Tue 1–1:55pm Poster

#61 - Leading Students to the Library with Search Services

Tue 2–2:55pm Poster

#26 - Introducing High School Students to the Library Profession#150 - In Their Own Words: Physicians and Staff Share How They Use and Value the Library

#54 - Getting Attention: How We Used an Anniversary to Promote the Library to Our Hospital System and Beyond

#86 - The Role of Libraries in Community Wellness Programs#131 - Developing Library User Personas for Strategic Planning and Advocacy

#122 - Librarians as Health Advocates in Health Fairs

Tue 3:10–3:`5pm Lightning Talk

Developing a Library Exhibit on Local Public Health History

Tue 3–3:55pm Poster

#61 - Leading Students to the Library with Search Services

Clinical Support

Librarians provide essential support to clinical staff in a hospital environment. Take a continuing education course or hear from colleagues how they make their librarian presence vital.

Date/Time Type Description
Sat 8am–noon CE Course CE 601 - Learning to Liaise with Health Professions
Sun 2-2:55 Poster

#27 - Creating Quality LibGuides Using Best Clinical Resources

#135 - Impact of a Collaborative Evidence-Based Practice Nursing Education Program on Clinical Operations

Sun 3:30-3:35 Lightning Talk Expanding Question Safari: Reaching New Frontiers
Sun 3:41–3:59pm Program Session Adapting a New Model for Library Orientation: The Clinical Case Presentation
Mon 10:35–10:50am Program Session “HEALWA”: Increasing Awareness of a Statewide Health Information Resource for Health Professionals
Mon 11:05–11:20am Program Session Bringing an Academic Library to the Point of Care: The Reno Experience
Mon 11:20–11:35am Program Session Curating the Evidence: Medical Librarians Collaborate with Physicians to Create a Clinical Decision Support System
Mon 1:05–1:20pm Program Session Identifying the Role of the Medical Librarian in Clinical Competency Entrustment
Mon 1:10-1:15pm Lightning Talk Development of a Mobile-Friendly Website to Strengthen Clinical Decision Making
Mon 1:15-1:20pm Lightning Talk Improving Health Outcomes with Embedded Diagnostic Consultation Services
Mon 1:20–1:35pm Program Session Library Tools at the Nurses’ Station: Exploring Health Information-Seeking Behaviors and Needs of Nurses in a War Veterans Nursing Home
Mon 1:35–1:50pm Program Session Mind the Gap: Identifying What Is Missed When Searching Only the Broad Scope with Clinical Queries
Mon 1:50–2:05pm Program Session Partnering with Performance Improvement to Transform Patient Care through Care Redesign
Mon 2:30-3:25pm Poster

#12 - Another Genome Project: Medical Library Services for Genetic Counselors and Genetic Counseling Students

#20 - Teaching Evidence-Based Practice: Leading Nurses in Transforming Care

#48 - Transforming Clinicians to Published Authors: How Librarians Lead Students in Research and Scholarly Communication

#84 - Power of Nurse-Librarian Collaboration: Aligning Research, Evidence-Based Practice, and Innovation to Sustain a Magnet Culture

#95 - Clinical Medical Librarian Licensure: Pros and Cons

#104 - Clinical Librarians and Their Essential Services in Academic and Health Care Settings: A Comparative Survey

Tue 1-1:55pm Poster

#37 - Barriers to Students' Access to Clinical Information Resources

#77 - Meeting the Emerging Information Needs of Precision Medicine: Enhancing Health Librarians’ Knowledge and Search Skills to Support a New Clinical Service

#97 - Patient-Centered Rounding in an Inpatient Pediatric Setting

#85 - Opportunities to Grow: Adapting Services, Transforming Relationships, and Leading the Informational Way on the Magnet Journey

#125 - Recovery-Oriented Collection Development: Results of a Qualitative Study on Mental Health Information Needs in a Patient Library

Tue 2-2:55pm Poster

#94 - Does the Availability of Medical Marijuana Decrease Opiate Prescribing? Surveying the Landscape

#102 - The Art of Conversation: A Comparative Analysis of Best Practices and Guidelines for Reference Interviews and Medical Interviews

Tue 3:45-3:50pm Lightning Talk Reflecting Art in Nursing Practice: Developing a Program to Support Mid-Career Nurses


Innovate to make your library a go-to space for education.

Date/Time Type Description
Sat 8-10am CE Course CE 301 - Innovations in Nursing Information Literacy: New Technologies, Approaches, and Ideas
Sat 8am-noon CE Course CE 303 - Evidence-Based Teaching: Finding and Applying the Best Evidence to Instruction
Sat 8am-5pm CE Course CE 300 - Not Just Numbers: Teaching Students to Think Using Practical Curriculum Exercises
Sun 2-2:55pm Poster

#11 - Communication, Collaboration, Consistency, and Campus Culture: How Librarians and Nurses Worked Together to Bridge the Information Literacy Gap

#71 - Embedded with Problem-Based Learner Medical Students

#79 - Engaging Students during Grand Rounds through Live Chat

#107 - Flipping the Classroom for Graduate Medical Education: Library/Residency Program Collaboration

#167 - Integrating into the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program: A Case Study in Librarian Immersion

#175 - Just Enough Irons in the Fire: Using an Evidence-Based Block Rotation to Increase Internal Medicine Residents' Knowledge and Usage of Mendeley

Sun 3:40-3:45pm Lightning Talk Leveraging the Librarian in a Nurse Residency Program
Sun 3:45-3:50pm Lightning Talk Connecting the Dots between Evidence-Based Practice and Shared Decision Making: Growing Medical Students’ Information Skills
Sun 3:59-4:17pm Program Session Adapting to the Real World: Transforming Nursing Information Literacy Education in Four Intermountain West Universities
Mon 10:30-11:55am Special Content Session From Abstract to Tangible: Shifting Health Sciences Instructional Mindsets Using the Association of College and Research Libraries Framework for Information Literacy
Mon 10:30-11:55am Special Content Session Design, Play, Learn: A Special Content Session to Design a Game for Database Instruction (Flipped classroom)
Mon 10:35-10:40am Lightning Talk Using Data to Transform and Lead Library Instruction: Hospital Librarians Utilize Learning Needs Assessment Survey Results to Adapt to the Learning Needs of Nursing Staff
Mon 10:35-10:50am Program Session Assessing Medical Students' Ability to Find and Evaluate Online Health Information Using the Research Readiness Self-Assessment (RRSA)
Mon 10:50-11:05am Program Session Building a Communication Skill Program for Residents: A Unique Contribution to Training Resident Competency by a Clinical Librarian
Mon 10:55-11am Lightning Talk The Personal Librarian Program: Transforming Our Relationship with Our Medical Students
Mon 11-11:05am Lightning Talk Transforming Information Literacy Training by Adapting to Students’ Clinical Placements: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice in Nursing Education with E-Learning
Mon 11:05-11:10am Lightning Talk Teaching PubMed: Staying in the Shallows or Diving Deep
Mon 11:20-11:35am Program Session Curricular Transformation Using an Instructional Design Model: A Medical Informatics Elective Course Case Study
Mon 11:23-11:10am Program Session Up All Night: The Accreditation-Driven Trend toward 24-Hour Access among Medical School Libraries (Survey and Self-Study)
Mon 11:25-11:30am Lightning Talk Utilizing Virtual Reality as a Method to Facilitate Learning
Mon 11:35-11:50am Program Session Developing a Framework for Competency Integration across the Curriculum
Mon 1:05-1:23pm Program Session Best Practices in Teaching Evidence-Based Medicine: A Qualitative, Multi-Site Study
Mon 1:05-1:10pm Lightning Talk Critiquing and Communicating: Assessing the Impact of a Librarian/Physician-Led Evidence-Based Medicine Project on Medical Student Confidence around Critical Appraisal and Effective Patient Communication
Mon 1:10-1:15pm Lightning Talk Comics in the Medical School Classroom: Health Literacy, Empathy, and Reflective Practice
Mon 1:20-1:25pm Lightning Talk Humanities Reading Selective for Medical Students: Reflecting on the Human Side of Medicine
Mon 1:45-1:50pm Lightning Talk Students Editing Wikipedia
Mon 1:50-1:55pm Lightning Talk Transforming Health Sciences Education with Virtual Reality
Mon 2:30-3:25pm Poster

#4 - Transformative and Translational: Supporting a New PhD program

#16 - Teaching Graphic Medicine to Undergraduate Students

#68 - Transforming Anatomy Education Using Virtual Anatomy Table Services at the Library

#128 - On the Road Again: Improving Health Education by Logging 3,300 Miles of Windshield Time to Meet with Nursing Students and Faculty at Remote Locations across Montana

#140 - Meeting Students Where They Learn: Out of the Lecture Hall and Into the Simulation Lab

Tue 3:05-3:10pm Lightning Talk Anatomy Touch Table Project
Tue 3:20-3:35pm Program Session Leading the Way Using Virtual Reality in Medical Education to Teach Empathy
Tue 3:35-3:40pm Lightning Talk Improving the Accessibility of Instructional Videos...Not as Scary as You Think
Tue 3:35-3:50pm Program Session Nurturing Statistical Literacy in Medical Students
Tue 3:41-3:53pm Program Session Transforming Health Information Literacy from Academic to Activist at a Health Zine Workshop
Tue 3:50-4:05pm Program Session Social Media and Online Professionalism in the Medical School Curriculum
Tue 4:05-4:20pm Program Session Using Pre- and Post-Questions about Prior Information-Seeking Frustrations to Assess Student Learning

Leading Your Library

Fuel your career by developing your leadership skills, innovating, and staying current on the latest issue affecting your services.

Date/Time Type Description
Sat 10am–5pm CE Course CE 400 - Do You Want to Be a Library Director? Knowledge, Skills, and Career Paths for Library Leaders 
Sun 3-4:25pm Special Content Session Hospital Libraries: Looking Backward to Stimulate Forward Momentum
Sun 3:05-3:17pm Program Session Advancing, Transforming, and Leading Innovation through an Academic Health Sciences Library’s Innovation Space
Sun 3:35-3:40pm Lightning Talk An Experiment to Address Staffing Fluctuations by Insourcing Professional Librarians
Sun 4:30-5:25pm Open Forum MLA InSight Initiative Summit 1 Outcomes
Mon 2:30-3:25pm Poster #168 - Leadership in the Interim or: How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace the Uncertainty
Mon 3:29-3:41pm Program Session What We Talk about When We Talk about Collaboration: A Scoping Review
Mon 3-1:55pm Poster #56 - Risky Business: Medical Humanities Programming Pays Off at a New Medical School
Tue 2-2:55pm Poster

#153 - Warm Fuzzies: Boosting Staff Engagement with a Traveling Gopher

#134 - A Paradigm Shift: Transforming Collection Development to Meet the Needs of Users 

Tue 3:40-3:45pm Lightning Talk Library as Tenant: A Born Digital Library Embedded in a New Medical School Building

Industry Connections

The MLA annual meeting brings together over 100 industry vendors and 1,200+ librarians. Don’t miss:

  • Sunrise Seminars: learn about the latest vendor offering and have breakfast too!
  • Technology Showcase: discover the latest technological development in rapid-fire, 30-minute sessions on the exhibit floor
  • MLA InSight Initiative Open Forum: join the open discussion on the outcomes of this new initiative, on the topic of “User Experience”

Click here for detailed information.

Perspectives from Leaders

MLA ’18 features four invited keynote speakers as well as addresses from the outgoing and the incoming MLA presidents.

Date/Time Speaker
Sun 9–10-15am

Barbara Epstein, AHIP, FMLA, and MLA President (outgoing) Welcome Address

Barbara Epstein will welcome meeting attendees, present awards and recognitions, and share with the audience the key MLA accomplishments and challenges of the last year.

Sun 10:30–11-55am

John P. McGovern Award Lecturer - William Powers, best-selling author and research scientist

Sponsored by EBSCO Health - Click here for detail.

Mon 9–10am

Janet Doe Lecturer - Elaine R. Martin, on Social Justice and the Medical Librarian

Click here for detail.

Tue 9–10:15am

Beverly Murphy, AHIP, FMLA and MLA President (incoming) Presidential Address

Beverly Murphy will share with the audience MLA's vision for the future, as well as her personal thoughts on being MLA's first African-American President.

Wed 9–10:15am

Dara Richardson-Herron, MD - Chief Engagement Offier of the All of Us Research Program

Click here for detail.

Tue 3–4:25pm

David Satcher, MD, PhD - Physician-Scientist, Public Health Administrator, 16th Surgean General of the U,S,

Click here for detail.


Thank You, MLA ’18 Sponsors

Diversity and Inclusion Fish Bowl, MLA ’18, Special Workshop Summary