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MLA/NLM Spectrum Scholarship

For many years the Medical Library Association (MLA) and the National Library of Medicine (NLM) jointly sponsored two annual scholarships through the American Library Association (ALA) Spectrum Initiative Scholarship program. This was funded by the National Library of Medicine under NLM contract NO1-LM-1-3515 with the Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library. The two organizations made an annual donation each year to support under-represented students in their goals to become health sciences information professionals.

African American, Latinx, Asian, Native American, or Pacific Islander individuals attending ALA-accredited library schools are eligible. For more information, contact the ALA Spectrum program at 800.545.2433 or

Previous Scholarship Recipients

  • 2019: Reza Davallow Ghajar, Liana Nand
  • 2018: Jungwon Christina DeVone, Christopher Ortega 
  • 2017: Jasmine Pawlicki, Maria “Isabel” Soto-Luna
  • 2016: Kelsa Bartley, Danica Simons
  • 2015: Nateisha Allen, Shaina Destine
  • 2014: Tova Johnson, Jerrod D. Moore
  • 2013: James Cheng, Kimberly Tate
  • 2012: Lori Harris, Basheer Kareem
  • 2011: Neyda Gilman, Don Jason
  • 2010: Mariaelena de la Rosa, Katy Mahraj 
  • 2009: Shalu Gillum, Mark Miller
  • 2008: Rhonda Allard, Evone Jeffries
  • 2007: Diana Bang, Natalie Pulley
  • 2006: Malino Khun, Marcos Rodriguez
  • 2005: Candice Mack, Ghouse Mohammed
  • 2004: Leigh Esquirra
  • 2003: Martha Preddie
  • 2002: Michelle Baildon
  • 2001: Felicia Young