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Academic Librarians Caucus

Members: 376     Discussions: 393     Files: 5

The Academic Librarians Caucus serves the professional development needs of members who work as academic librarians or those who are potentially interested in working in an academic role. The purpose of the Academic Librarians Caucus is to foster communication and collaboration on issues in academic librarian work, whether those are related to faculty status, the promotion and/or tenure process, negotiating contracts, preparing for interviews, or others. If you are an academic librarian with faculty status, an academic librarian, or interested in academic librarianship, please consider joining us!

 Member Benefits: Members of the caucus have access to the caucus forum, member directory, and relevant resources list and are eligible for leadership opportunities within the caucus.

Academic Librarians Caucus Leaders

Niki Cobb, AHIP
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Chair; Community Council Alternate
Michelle L Zafron, AHIP
University at Buffalo
Alexandria Q Wilson, AHIP
University of Tennessee
Immediate Past-Chair; Community Council Representative
Melanie A Dixson, AHIP
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Delegate, Professionalism & Leadership Domain Hub