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AHIP Credentialing

How to Earn Academy Points: Continuing Education

See below for all the details on how to earn and document Academy points for continuing education activities. 

Please note:

  • Continuing education that is related to one's current job, such as teaching or learning to use the institution's new accounting system, will not be awarded points. If the knowledge and skills learned in a CE are applicable to another library position, points will be awarded.
  • To verify an MLA-approved course, the MLA course certificate will state "Approved for [number] MLA CE Contact Hours." Courses for which approval is pending should state that MLA contact hours have been applied for. When in doubt, ask the person sponsoring the course. 
  • You may earn academy points for non-MLA approved CE activities. Complete, in full, the Individual Participant Request (Form IPR). Your reviewer will determine the number of points you are able to claim. Be aware that activities such as MLA journal clubs require submission of a completed IPR form.
  • Only fifty (50) points can be claimed for continuing education for any level of membership. Remaining points must be from individual accomplishments.

Sponsored Instruction

Sponsored instruction covers continuing education activities sponsored by an organization. This does not include coursework taken for academic credit. (See below for information on academic coursework). 

Activity Points
Institutes, seminars, short courses, workshops,
lecture series, year long programs, etc. 
1 point per hour of attendance

Documentation required: copy of certificate including contact hours/CEUs and a completed Individual Participant Request form (IPR), if required.


  • MLA CE courses, NLM/CISTI, or other sponsored CE given by a provider accredited or approved by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education, American Nurses Credentialing Center and the American Psychology Association are automatically approved for CE credit. They do not need an IPR form.
  • No more than 30 points will be granted for a single activity or course that includes week-long courses, extended seminars, year-long programs, or other continuing education activities (e.g., Woods Hole Informatics course, MLA Emerging Leaders program, NLM/AAHSL Leadership Fellows program).
  • Activities sponsored by the following groups are not automatically approved for Academy points, although the sponsoring organization may apply for MLA approval:
    • affiliated chapters and sections of MLA
    • international, national, regional, state, and local library groups
    • NN/LM members
    • vendors, commercial firms, governmental agencies

Even if these groups have not received MLA approval in advance, points can still be claimed. Submission of a completed Individual Participant Request (Form IPR) in addition to the certificate of completion is required in order for academy points to be granted. (See Form IPR Guidelines.)    

Academic Instruction

Points for academic instruction depend upon the number of credit hours awarded for the course and whether the course was taken for credit or audit. This category includes internships and fellowships for which academic credit was received.

Academic Courses Taken for Credit

Activity Points
one semester hour 15 points per credit hour
one trimester hour 14 points per credit hour
one quarter hour 10 points per credit hour

Documentation required: Copy of transcript.

Clarification: A maximum of 30 points per five-year period.

Academic Courses Taken for Registered Audit

Activity Points
one semester hour 8 points per credit hour
one trimester hour 7 points per credit hour
one quarter hour 5 points per credit hour

Documentation required: Copy of transcript.

Clarification: A maximum of 30 points per five-year period.

Discussion Group Program

Activity Points
Participants 8 points
Convener (includes 8 points for participation) 13 points

Documentation required: Copy of MLA CE Certificate for participants and copy of MLA notification of Discussion Group approval for convener.

Clarification: A maximum of 26 points per five-year period will be accepted.

Self-Directed Learning

Activity Points
MLA's Self-Directed Learning Program or other forms of self-study 1 point per 3 hours of work

Documentation required: Copy of contract and certificate of completion; non-MLA self-study programs also require the submission of a completed IPR form.

Independent Reading Program

Activity Points
MLA's Independent Reading Program 1 point per article (to a maximum of three points per year or 15 points per- five year period)

Documentation required: Copy of MLA CE certificate.

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