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Veterinary Medical Libraries Section 

Members: 52     Discussions: 809     Files: 18

To join:

  1. Go to your membership information.
  2. Click "View" next to your current membership.
  3. Click the "Add package" button to add additional packages, and select VMLS.

VMLS encourages cooperation among veterinary medical libraries and provides a forum for the exchange of ideas between veterinary health information specialists.

Member Benefits

VMLS members have access to the section forum and member directory. Join VMLS for just $15 per year! 

Public Resources

  • Access the "Veterinary Medical and Related Libraries" international directory; primary libraries represented are academic (university and/or branch) libraries serving colleges that grant D.V.M. or equivalent degrees. 
  • Free download! Learn about PubMed MEDLINE, an excellent free source of journal article citations and abstracts for veterinarians and others seeking information on veterinary medicine, laboratory animal medicine, and related animal health topics.
  • Free download! Get information about a Cornell University tool that provides clinical diagnostic support for veterinarians and others interested in animal health through a filtered, expert-compiled information database for clinical decision making.

VMLS Leaders

Erin RB Eldermire
Cornell University Library
Chair; Section Council Alternate
Jane Kinkus Yatcilla
Purdue University Libraries
Immediate Past Chair, Section Council Representative; Nominating Committee Chair
Erik Davis Fausak
UC Davis
Chair-elect; Program Chair
Sadie Skeels
Colorado State University
Cynthia Louise Sheffield
National Institutes of Health
Erin E Kerby
University of Illinois
Community Manager