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Members: 117     Discussions: 1576     Files: 24

The Animal and Veterinary Information Specialist Caucus encourages cooperation among veterinary medical and animal health librarians and provides a forum for the exchange of ideas between veterinary medical and animal health information specialists.

Member Benefits

AVIS members have access to the caucus forum and member directory.

Public Resources

  • Access the "Veterinary Medical and Related Libraries" international directory; primary libraries represented are academic (university and/or branch) libraries serving colleges that grant D.V.M. or equivalent degrees.

AVIS Leaders

Suzanne Fricke, AHIP
Washington State University
Chair; Community Council Alternate
Melissa C. Funaro
Yale University
Erik Davis Fausak
UC Davis
Immediate Past Chair; Community Council Alternate; Nominating Committee Chair
Corrie Hess
Louisiana State University
Collections Committee Co-Chair
Andrea C. Kepsel, AHIP
Michigan State University
Delegate, Education Domain Hub
Kim Mears
University of Prince Edward Island
Secretary, Community Manager
Hannah F. Norton, AHIP
University of Florida
Delegate, Professionalism and Leadership Domain Hub
Laura M Rey
Delegate, Global Health & Health Equity Domain Hub
Jeanine Mary Williamson
University of Tennessee Knoxville
Animal and Veterinary Information Specialist Caucus Community Co-Manager
Jane Kinkus Yatcilla
Purdue University Libraries & School of Information Studies
Collections Committee Co-Chair