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Hospital Library Caucus

Members: 504     Discussions: 5957     Files: 19

The Hospital Library Caucus of the Medical Library Association fosters excellence in the provision and management of information to support patient care and safety, hospital administration, professional and patient education, lifelong learning, and all research activities and scholarly endeavors in the healthcare environment.

Member Benefits

Hospital Library Caucus members have access to the caucus forum and member directory and receive the quarterly newsletter, National Network, as well as having access to the extensive newsletter archive. Caucus members are also eligible for HLC awards and the HLC MLA Annual Meeting Travel Grant. 

Public Resources

The Values 2 Toolkit was designed to support you in keeping your job and your library doors open.  The front page will lead you to inner pages focusing on dazzling an administrator, making the Library the central spot in the hospital and the librarian the very best he/she can be. 

Hospital Library Caucus Leaders

Ellen M. Aaronson, AHIP
Mayo Clinic
Chair; Community Council Alternate
Brian Lee Baker
Valley Children's Hospital
Elizabeth Laera, AHIP
Brookwood Baptist Health
Immediate Past-Chair; Community Council Representative
Dena Fracolli Hanson, AHIP
Cook Childrens Health Care System
Caucus Manual Task Force Chair
Erin E. Reardon, AHIP
University of Minnesota
National Network Co-editor
Carolyn G. Biglow
Jess L Callaway, AHIP
Shepherd Center
Delegate, Information Services Domain Hub
Nancy A. Clark
Dept. of Veterans Affairs
VALUES2 Task Force Chair
Basia (Barbara) Delawska-Elliott, AHIP
Delegate, Professionalism and Leadership Domain Hub
Helen-Ann Brown Epstein, AHIP, FMLA
Caucus Manual Task Force Co-Chair
Olivia A. Glotfelty-Scheuering
UPMC Mercy
Co-editor, National Network
Caroline Marshall, AHIP
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Chair, New Hospital Librarian Education Task Force
Jill M Tarabula, AHIP
Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital (UVMHN)
Chair, HLC Standards Task Force
Kathryn Vela, AHIP
Community Manager/Webmaster
Kathy A. Zeblisky, AHIP
Phoenix Childrens Hospital
VALUES2 Task Force Co-Chair