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Professional Development

Consumer Health Course List

  • Courses approved for CHIS are listed below, with the CHIS competencies each addresses.
  • Click on a course title to see its listing in MEDLIB-ED, which includes instructor contact information. If there is no link, the course is approved for CHIS but no longer offered. If the link is bad, CHIS approval has expired. Please contact the MLA's Professional Development Department for more information.
  • If you attend an educational activity that is not listed below OR that does not indicate CHIS competencies its description in  MEDLIB-ED and would like to have it considered for your application, please fill out an Individual Participant Request (IPR) form.

CHIS Competencies Legend

Required for Level 1

C1 - Know the Community

C2 - Know the Health Consumer 

C3 -  Knowledge of Subject Matter and Resources 

C4 -  Evaluation of Health Information 

C5 - Communication, Reference, and Instruction

Required for Level 2, in addition to Level 1 requirements

C6 -  Literacy and Health Literacy

C7 - Technology and Health

C8 - Ethical and Legal Issues


Use the CHIS Competencies Tracking Grid to ensure that you take courses in the required competencies. 

Current as of  9/27/2023. Courses without links are no longer offered but existing credits can be used to earn CHIS. 


C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7 C8
#citeNLM Wikipedia Edit-a-thons x x x x
ABCs of DNA: Unraveling the Mystery of Genetics Information for Consumers x x x x
Activate, Collaborate and Educate: Health Outreach and Programming in Your Community x x
Assessing Health Education Materials: clearing the way to easy-to-read health materials x x
Beyond an Apple a Day: Providing Consumer Health Information at Your Library x x x x x x
Beyond the Binary: Health Resources for Sexual and Gender Minorities x x x x x
CHIS on demand x x x x x for Librarians x x x x x
Community-Based Health Information x x x x x x x x
Consumer Health Collection Management x x x x
Consumer Technology to Manage Personal Health Data x x x
DNA to Z: Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing x x x
Drawn to Graphic Medicine: Bringing Comics into Medical Librarianship x x x x
Drug and Chemical Information – On Demand: Exploring New Drug Research x x x
Drug and Chemical Information – On Demand: Finding Properties, Effects, and Interactions x x x
Drug and Chemical Information – On Demand: Using, Providing, and Prescribing Medication x x x
Effective Health Communication and Health Literacy: Understanding the Connection x x x
End of Life Care: Planning, Information and Discussion x x x
Environmental Health and Justice: a brief primer* x
Finding and Using Health Statistics* x x
Food for Thought: Exploring Nutrition Information Resources x x x
From A(norexia) to Z(its): Providing Health Information to Teens x x x x
Getting Started with Information Outreach in Your Community x x x
Getting the Right Information to Patients Using MedlinePlus Connect x
Health & Wellness @ the Library: The Essentials of Providing Consumer Health Service  x x x x x x x x
Health Issues in the Headlines: Learning to Read Between the Lines x x x
Health Literacy on Demand x
Health Misinformation Webinar Series x x x
Healthy Aging at Your Library: Connecting Older Adults to Health Information x x x x x
Helping Patients and Health Care Consumers Understand Precision Medicine  x x x
C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7 C8
Introduction to Health Reference: Ethics and Best Practices x x x
Librarians Combating Health Misinformation: Get Involved in Your Community x x x
Link Your Community with Health Information: Resources for Community Health Workers x x x x
Making Sense of Numbers: Communicating Numerical Health Data x x
MedlinePlus for Librarians and Health Educators x
MedlinePlus for Public Librarians x
NNLM Book Discussion x x x
NNLM Region 6 Speaker Spotlight Series x x x x x x x x
Precision Medicine: Geneology to Genetics x x
Precision Medicine: What Is It and Why Should I Care x x
Prescription and Over the Counter Drugs: Supporting Patients with Evidence-Based Information-On Demand x
Providing Consumer Health Information in Underserved Rural Areas x x
Providing Mental Health Information at Your Library x x x x x
Providing Multilingual and Multicultural Health Information x x
PubMed Essentials x x
Rural Health Resources x x
Serving Diverse Communities: Accessing Health Information in Multiple Languages x x
Serving Diverse Communities: Building Cultural Competence and Humility into the Workplace x x
Serving Diverse Communities: Finding Data on Health Disparities x x
Stand Up for Health: Health and Wellness Services for Your Community x x x x x x x x
Telehealth 101: What libraries need to know x x
The Consumer Health Library: A Site for Service, Education, and Hope x x x
The Importance of Digital Literacy and Its Impact on Understanding Health Information x
Tips and Tools for Closing the Digital Health Divide x x x x x
Understanding the Opioid Crisis: Where do I Begin? x x
Wellness in the Library Workplace x x
Wikipedia + Libraries: NNLM x x x x
Will Duct Tape Cure My Warts? Examining Complementary and Alternative Medicine x x x x