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Professional Development

The Disaster Information Specialization (DIS) Was Sunset on April 30, 2023

MLA will maintain this page until June 30, 2026, the last day a  Level I or II DIS certificate can be valid. This ensures that DIS certificate holders have documentation of the meaning and value of their DIS and of their accomplishment. MLA will support librarian disaster preparation, response, and recovery in a catalog of no-cost courses on disaster preparation, response, and recovery for libraries & librarians. It maintains the commitment of MLA and our partner, NNLM, to supporting libraries in all aspects addressing disasters.

June 30, 2023 is the last day for submitting a new or renewal application. You may renew your DIS regardless of how long it has been since you earned or renewed the level. NNLM generously sponsors the DIS application fee for library staff and students who reside within any region of the NNLM. Click here to apply for NNLM to cover your application fee.

If you have questions, please contact the MLA Education Director, barry grant (




Advance Your Career and Serve Your Community

Levels I and II of the Disaster Information Specialization give you new, marketable skills that can help you advance your career and support your institution and community in times of disaster and public health emergencies.

Eligible Participants

The Disaster Information Specialization is designed for:

  • Librarians, library staff, informationists, and information professionals, including those affiliated with medical, public, academic, special or any other types of libraries.
  • Disaster workforce members, including health professionals, allied health professionals, public health workers, first responders, emergency managers, community volunteers, and others who play a role in health-related disaster preparedness, response, and recovery.

See a list of current Disaster Information Specialization recipients.


Specialization Levels

Level I

 Level I of the Specialization demonstrates foundational skills and knowledge in:

  • accessing essential health-related information to provide services for supporting disaster mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.
  • the purpose and operation of the National Incident Management System (NIMS), the operational heart of coordinated efforts to address emergencies and disasters
  • the purpose and operation of the Incident Command System (ICS) and how to coordinate with government and private-sector response partners

 Level I requires 15 CE credit hours of training:



You have three years to gather the credits needed to apply for Level I of the Specialization.  Level I is valid for three years.

Level II

 Level II of the Specialization demonstrates advanced knowledge and skills in areas of special interest in Disaster Information.  Level II requires a total of 27 CE Credits: the Level I requirements plus 12 additional credits. Select from the many offerings those that best serve your goals.

You can complete all the  Level II requirements in three years, or you can complete the  Level I requirements and then take up to an additional three years to take 12 more credits for  Level II.

You have three years to gather the credits needed to apply for  Level II of the Specialization.  Level II is valid for three years.

Level I and II Renewals

To keep your  Level I or Level II Specialization valid, you must earn 8 CE credit hours of approved training every 3 years and submit a renewal application. We recommend that individuals with the Level I Specialization use their 3 years to acquire the  Level II Specialization instead of maintaining  Level I. This requires only 12 more credits.

If your Specialization lapses for more than 6 months, you must begin the accreditation process from the beginning. Please apply for renewal 30 days before expiration to ensure a seamless process.

Applying for or Renewing Your DIS

Before submitting your application:

  • Complete required courses and credits for Level I or II
  • Collect course completion certificates for FEMA and UVA Health courses (“Disaster Health Information: The Basics,” “In Case of Emergencies (COOP),” “A Seat at the Table: Working with the Disaster Workforce”). Also, collect certificates for any MLA and NNLM courses not credited in your MEDLIB-ED transcript.
  • Fill out an Individual Participant Request (IPR) form to receive credit for any relevant educational activity sponsored by other education providers. 
  • Pay the application fee by visiting the MLA Online Store. (members: $99, nonmembers: $129). (If you applied for NNLM sponsorship of the application fee, do not purchase the fee here. You will receive application instructions by email.)
  • Once you submit payment, you will receive a link to the online application.
  • Complete the online application and upload requested certificate(s) or IPR form(s). 

MLA will process the application and, on approval, send you a notification letter and certificate recognizing your level of achievement.

If you have questions about the Disaster Information Specialization program, please do not hesitate to contact MLA's Professional Development Department.


This project was funded by the National Library of Medicine under contract HHS-N-276-2010-00782-P.