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October is National Medical Librarians Month (NMLM)!!

The time is now! Market your value to your institution and your community this month and every month-celebrate National Medical Librarians Month! Use the 2020 theme, Medical Librarians: Your Partners to Advance Health Equity and the 2020 NMLM images below (2 options this year! Let the clinicians, students, nurses, administrators and patients in your institution know that you are the best option when in need of high quality, authoritative health information, research, and search instruction. (Due to COVID-19,  MLA HQ staff is unable to mail printed posters)





Email signatures:

NMLM Email Sig 1.png NMLM Email Sig 1 (theme).png

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NMLM Email Sig 2.png NMLM Email Sig 2 (theme).png

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Free poster images for NMLM and throughout the year!

Product Description Purchase
Poster: "Get reliable, trustworthy health information" - jpg (501KB)
 Poster: "Provide Better Care. Make Better Decisions. Save Costs" - pdf (796KB)
nmlm_poster_2016-thumb (3).jpg Poster: "Aim for Excellence" - pdf (887KB) 
nmlm_poster_2015 (3).jpg Poster: "Are You A Risk Taker?" - jpg, - pdf (5.94MB) Add to Cart
nmlm_poster_critical_thumb.jpg Poster: "Critical Knowledge for Challenging Times" - jpg - pdf (3.56MB) Add to Cart
nmlm_poster_saving_thumb.jpg Poster: "Saving You Time So You Can Save Lives" - jpgpdf (9.15MB) Add to Cart
nmlm_poster_roi_thumb.jpg Poster: "Medical Librarians: Your Best Return on Investment" - jpg - pdf (3.57MB)
nmlmposter_ultimate_sm.jpg Poster: "Medical Librarians: Your Ultimate Search Engine" - jpg (2.38MB) Add to Cart
nmlm_2010_pathways.jpg Poster: "Vital Pathways: Better Outcomes Through Health Literacy." - jpg (914KB) Add to Cart
nmlmposterdigedeep_thum.jpg Poster: "Dig Deep" - jpg (80KB) Add to Cart
nmlm_fishing_thumbnail.jpg Poster: "Fishing for Quality Health Information?" - jpg(3.06MB) Add to Cart

Critical Knowledge
Saving You Time
Best ROI
Ultimate Search Engine
Dig Deep


Promote your services whenever you send an emaill by using one of the email signatures below!

Aim for Excellence
Risk Taker
Critical Knowledge
Best ROI


Communicate Your Value through Marketing and Advocacy (Recorded Webinar)

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Making your Library Promotion Pop! Practical Design Principles and Tools for the Non-Designer (Recorded Webinar)

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Ready, Set, Influence! Participating in the Business of Your Health Care Organization (Recorded Webinar)

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JMLA October 2013 issue: Featuring a series of articles on new and evolving roles for health sciences information professionals


PowerPoint "Myths and Truths About Library Services" (PowerPoint, 2MB): What myths do your administrators believe? Do they think that patient care can remain high quality without library services, that everything is available for free on the Web, or that technology has replaced librarians? Perhaps they think that closing your library will save money. Counter these and other common myths with this presentation, which you can revise to meet your specific needs.  


For further information about National Medical Librarians Month, please contact Tomi Gunn, 312.419.9094 x11.