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Continuing Education Grant

The purpose of the Medical Library Association Continuing Education (CE) Grant is to provide members with the opportunity to develop their knowledge of the theoretical, administrative, or technical aspects of librarianship. More than one continuing education grant may be awarded in a year. The grant may be used for MLA opportunities offered through MEDLIB-ED or other CE activities. 


  • The applicant must: 
    • hold a graduate degree in library science.
    • be a practicing health sciences librarian with at least two years of professional experience.
    • be a member of MLA.
    • be a citizen of or have permanent residence status in either the United States or Canada.
  • In exceptional cases, consideration will be given to an outstanding candidate not meeting the eligibility criteria outlined above.


  • The online application must be completed and all supporting files uploaded no later than November 15.
  • The proposed course of study should be relevant to the library work in which the applicant is currently engaged.
    • Scope, level of study, duration, and budget should be given.
    • Consideration is given for library experience and professional activities of the applicant.
    • The CE activity must be within the United States or Canada.
  • The applicant must submit the names of three references:
    • not related to the applicant
    • knowledgeable of the applicant's character, education, and abilities
  • Grants will not be given to support work toward a degree or certificate, although course work that complements a candidate's program, yet is not part of the normal professional curriculum, will be considered.
  • Depending on the qualifications of the candidates, the jury may recommend that the grant not be presented in a given year.
  • The applicant is encouraged to update their MLA member profile page.
  • MLA will acknowledge applications upon receipt via email.
  • Late and incomplete applications will not be considered.

Grant Funds

  • The amount requested and actual grant awarded may not necessarily be the same amount.
  • The grant will be distributed as a reimbursement for actual expenses incurred, within the limits described above.
  • The amount reimbursed will not exceed actual expenses and the amount requested.
  • The grant will not exceed $500 (or $250 in the case of two recipients)
  • Expense statements, receipts, and verification of program completion must be submitted to MLA headquarters.
  • The period of disbursement will not exceed one year past the MLA annual conference.

Ready to Submit an Application?

  • The grant application process is closed.
  • The recipient will be announced in March 2023.
  • Applications will open next in August 2023.

Grant Recipients

  • 2022: Shannon Compton, PhD, AHIP
  • 2021: Alanna Campbell and Alessia Zanin-Yost, AHIP
  • 2020: Marilia Y. Antunez, AHIP
  • 2019: Heather Edmonds and Alexandria Quesenberry
  • 2018: Natalie Clairoux
  • 2017: Shirley Zhao
  • 2016: Andrea C. Kepsel, AHIP and Nathalie Reid, AHIP
  • 2015: Leah C. Osterhaus Trzasko and Jennifer S. Walker
  • 2014: Xan Goodman and Lynda J. Hartel
  • 2013: Bethany McGowan and Debra Werner
  • 2012: Alisha Miles
  • 2011: Beth A. Lewis
  • 2010: Marie K. Saimbert and Lin Wu
  • 2009: Lauren Maggio
  • 2008: Patricia Hammond and Susan Schleper
  • 2007: Rick Wallace and Alice Webber
  • 2006: Ellen Justice
  • 2005: Andrea Ketchum
  • 2004: Bette Sydelko
  • 2003: Beshia Popescu
  • 2002: Linda Collins
  • 2001: Joanne M. Muellenbach
  • 2000: Barbara Benisch
  • 1999: none awarded
  • 1998: Katherine J. Vargo
  • 1997: Julita C. Awkard
  • 1996: Carol M. Shisler
  • 1995: Karyn Pomerantz
  • 1994: Sarah Knox Morley and Melanie J. Tennyson
  • 1993: Judy Burnham, Margaret M. Demchuk, and Joanne Kennedy
  • 1992: Patricia J. Hamilton
  • 1991: Sandra K. Parker
  • 1990: A. James Bothmer, Barbara A. Carlson, Wenda Webster Fischer, and Kime U. Rutter
  • 1989: Rick B. Forsman
  • 1988: Lavonda K. Broadnax
  • 1987: Maureen Battistella

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