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Impact and Contribution to Health Care, Education, Research and Community

Librarians are pivotal in furthering their institution's mission and goals, whether they are performing expert searches, teaching students literature searching skills, providing community outreach programs, supporting innovation and research, or disseminating the best medical and business practice information. Key areas where health sciences librarians make a difference are highlighted below.

Contributions to the Nursing Profession

Does your hospital have a Magnet Accreditation Program? Health sciences librarians have a strong collaborative relationship with the nursing profession. Librarians are actively involved in the Magnet Accreditation Program and teaching nurses and nursing students literature searching skills.

Contributions to Physicians and Students

Are you aware of the key role that health sciences librarians play in teaching students and residents how to search the literature? This systematic review shows how librarian-provided services for clinicians improve literature searching skills, save time for health professionals, provide relevant information for decision-making, and reduce patient length of stay.

What value do health care professionals place on library information and services that support patient care? Do library resources lead to changes or confirmations in patient management decisions? Does the information reduce length of stay?

  • Sievert M, Burhans D,Ward D, et al. Value of health sciences library resources and services to health care providers in medium and large communities across two mid-continental states. J Hosp Librariansh. 2011;11(2):140-157. 

Does your hospital library support the institution's organizational goals and mission? Learn how one health sciences library demonstrated its value to administrators and the institution it serves, and how the study’s methodology can be adapted to other libraries.