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Professional Development

Data Services Specialization Level II Course List

  • Courses approved for the DSS Level II are listed below, with the credit amount and the DSS skill area each addresses.

Use the DSS Level II Tracking Grid to ensure that you take courses in the required skill areas. 

S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 Cr
CHOOSE X Credits in Each of the Five Skill Areas
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On-Demand or Live
Answering the Hard Questions: Prepare to Succeed in Developing Data Services x 1.5
Clean & Tidy Data: Getting Started with Spreadsheet Data x x 1.5
Clean & Tidy Data: Making Data Usable x x 1.5
CURATED Data for Long-term Preservation and Public Sharing x x x 1.5
Death and Other Maps: Visualizing Historical Medical Information x x 1.5
Getting by With a Little Help from Your (Institutional Research) Friends: Building Relationships to Advance Data Support x 1.5
Grow Your Library's Data Services: A Novice’s Guide to Data Competitions x x 1.5
Preparing Your Workshops on the New NIH Data Management and Sharing Plans (DMSPs) x x 1.5
Uninformed Participants and Informed Choices: Social Media Data in Health Sciences Research x x 1.5
Using Common Data Elements to Enhance Research Data x x x 1.5
Working with Research Partners to Coordinate Domain-Specific Data Services x x x 1.5
Face-to-Face, Instructor-Led, & Webinars (previously offered and may be scheduled): 
Charting a New Course: Practical Data Visualization for Librarians x 2
Data Analytics Research Training Fellowship (DART) Course x x x 20
Ethical Considerations of Data (4-Part Series) x 8
Data Management for Clinical Research x x x 17
Data Preparation: Taming Wild Data with R x 2
Data Visualization in R x 2
Data Wrangling in R x 2
Fundamentals of Health Sciences Research Data Management x 32
Healthcare Data Models x x 13
Healthcare Data Quality and Governance x 12