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Continuing Education: Saturday, May 4

Course information listed below includes course registration fee. Additional information such as learning outcomes and instructor bios can be found in MEDLIB-ED. Go to MLA ’19 to register!

8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

Management icon CE600 Catalyzing Collaborative Culture Change in Support of Research at Your Institution Course Cancelled

Are you eager to build partnerships and catalyze collaboration across your institution’s research enterprise? In this exceptional daylong course, you can master the seven elements of collaboration and develop a plan to build relationships with researchers in your institution. Through presentations, discussion, case studies, role play, and the lens of the research life cycle, you will learn how to identify new opportunities for partnership at your institutions, gain confidence in building relationships, and create a customized institutional roadmap for collaboration. The course includes pre-session webinars and post-course mentorship.

Instructors: Marisa Conte, Assistant Director, Research and Informatics, Taubman Health Sciences Library, University of Michigan–Ann Arbor; Janice M. Jaguszewski, Associate University Librarian and Director, Health Sciences Libraries, University of Minnesota–Minneapolis; Anne M. Linton, AHIP, Director, Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library, George Washington University, Washington, DC; Bart Ragon, Associate Director, Knowledge Information, Research, and Technology, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, University of Virginia–Charlottesville; Anne K. Seymour, Director, Welch Medical Library, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD; and Terrie R. Wheeler, Director, Samuel J. Wood Library and C.V. Starr Biomedical Information Center, Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM), New York, NY

10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

ceicon_es.pngHands-on Computer Courses icon CE103 Effectiveness and Efficiency in Exhaustive Searches
Cost: $400 (nonmember: $700)
Attendance maximum: 25

Learn a new, efficient, and effective method for conducting exhaustive searches! Demonstrations and exercises introduce you to the method. Practicing in a database of your choice under the guidance of an experienced information specialist helps you hone your skills. You will leave able to create complex searches checked for completeness and translated in different databases much faster than with traditional methods. Aimed at experienced searchers.

Instructors: Wichor M. Bramer, Biomedical Information Specialist, Medical Library, Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and Melissa L. Rethlefsen, AHIP, Associate Dean, George A. Smathers Libraries, and Fackler Director, Health Science Center Libraries, University of Florida–Gainesville

8:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.

CE104 Which Review Is Right for You? Matching Questions to Review Type and Teaching the Process to Others
Cost: $265 (nonmember: $490)
Attendance maximum: 30

More and more librarians are being asked to conduct reviews for clients who are unsure what systematic reviews are. Through step-by-step guidance, discussion, and group and individual work, you will learn how to explain review types, determine if a question can be answered with a review, match question to reviews, and use your knowledge to guide others through consultations and formal lessons.

Instructor: Margaret J. Foster, Systematic Reviews and Research Coordinator, Medical Sciences Library, Texas A&M University–College Station

Consumer Health Information iconBring Your Own Device icon CE105 We’re Way Past Peas: Uses of Genetic Information to Understand Human Health and Guide Health Care Decision Making
Cost: $265 (nonmember: $490)
Attendance maximum: 30

Improve the quality of your service to clinicians who use genetic information in their practice and consumers who struggle to understand the health implications of their genetic information. Through hands-on exercises and presentations, you will learn genetic terminology and the basics of genomic health literacy; explore scientific, ethical, and privacy challenges in the interpretation and use of genetic information; and gain skill in using the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) MedGen portal and Genetics Home Reference to answer questions relating to genetics and health.

* Note: Attendees are required to bring a laptop computer or other device with WiFi capability to participate in interactive activities.

Instructors: Diana Nelson Louden, Biomedical and Translational Sciences Librarian, Health Sciences Library, University of Washington–Seattle, and Carolyn Martin, AHIP, Consumer Health Coordinator, National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Pacific Northwest Region, Seattle, WA

CE302 Teaching Critical Appraisal Skills
Cost: $265 (nonmember: $490)
Attendance maximum: 30

Take your skills in teaching evidence-based medicine (EBM) to the next level! This interactive course will prepare you to teach research article critical appraisal skills using engaging practical and active-teaching strategies. You will learn key critical appraisal concepts and best practices, how to apply these concepts using engaging teaching strategies, and how to make a case to stakeholders for the value of librarians teaching EBM skills. For novice to intermediate teachers of critical appraisal and EBM concepts.

Instructor: Laura Menard, Assistant Director, Medical Education and Access Services, Ruth Lilly Medical Library, Indiana University–Indianapolis

Management icon CE400 Implicit Bias Training for Information Professionals
Cost: $265 (nonmember: $490)
Attendance maximum: 20

This interactive and experiential course is designed to help you develop an understanding of implicit bias, its impact in libraries and health care, and how it stands in the way of workplace diversity and inclusion. You will leave the course with a deeper understanding of bias, implicit bias, stereotype threat, and microaggression, a greater awareness of your biases, and practical strategies to overcome biases and incorporate cultural competence into your library services. #MLADiversity

Instructors: Shannon D. Jones, AHIP, Director, Libraries, and Associate Professor, Medical University of South Carolina–Charleston; and Kelsa Bartley, Manager, Library Services, Reference and Education Department, Louis Calder Memorial Library, and Kimberly L. Reynolds, Assistant Professor, Clinical Pediatrics, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Miami, FL

Data Management icon CE500 You Can Do Qualitative Research! Collecting Rich Data through Interviews and Focus Groups Course Cancelled
This course introduces you to designing, conducting, and writing up a qualitative study of your own! Through presentations and hands-on activities, you will learn how to recruit participants, conduct interviews using motivational interviewing strategies, collect data through interviews and focus groups, code and analyze data, and write a compelling report of your work.

Instructor: Shanda Hunt, Public Health Librarian and Data Curation Specialist, Bio-Medical Library, University of Minnesota–Minneapolis

Data Management iconHands-on Computer Courses icon CE501 Beyond Pyramids of Evidence: Evaluating Research in the Health Sciences Literature
Cost: $345 (nonmember: $615)
Attendance maximum: 25

Do you wish you felt better equipped to help students, faculty, or health care providers identify reliable research? This course takes you beyond using pyramids of evidence to evaluating quantitative and qualitative research. You will learn how to identify and evaluate basic health sciences research methods, apply data literacy concepts, and incorporate your new skills into your work with practitioners, faculty, and students. The course will include practical examples, leading to a journal club at the end of the session.

Instructors: Abraham Wheeler, AHIP, Librarian, College of Osteopathic Medicine, Flint Research, and Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics; Chana Kraus-Friedberg, AHIP, Liaison, Program in Public Health, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology; and Carin Graves, Liaison Librarian, Sociology, Social Work, Criminal Justice, and Human Development and Family Studies; Michigan State University–East Lansing

Evidenced-Based Practice iconHands-on Computer Courses icon CE502 Advancing Health Equity through Evidence-Based Public Health: How to Find the Evidence
Cost: $345 (nonmember: $615)
Attendance maximum: 20

Are you curious about evidence-based public health but not sure where to start learning about it? This course is for you! Through hands-on activities, group work, and presentations, you will learn the basics of evidence-based public health (EBPH) and its role in advancing health equity. You will gain skills in using a step-by-step process to implement EBPH, identifying resources for community assessments, and selecting the right resources to support evidence-based practice in addressing public health problems.

Instructors: Elaina Vitale, Academic Coordinator, National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Middle Atlantic Region, Pittsburgh, PA, and Derek Johnson, Health Professionals Outreach Specialist, National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Greater Midwest Region, Hardin Library for the Health Sciences, University of Iowa–Iowa City

1:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m.

ceicon_es.pngEvidenced-Based Practice iconHands-on Computer Courses icon CE106 Trials without Tribulations: Identifying Clinical Trials for Systematic Reviews and Other Clinical and Research Questions
Cost: $345 (nonmember: $615)
Attendance maximum: 25

Trials registers are essential information sources for systematic reviews, health technology assessments, and other complex reviews. Trials registers are in constant development and provide thorny searching and record management challenges. After this course, you will understand the value of trials registers and learn about key trials registers and trials results registers. You will practice searching trials registers and get guidance on practical issues, such as how to download results and document and report searches.

Instructors: Julie Glanville, MCLIP, Associate Director, York Health Economics Consortium, University of York, York, United Kingdom, and Carol Lefebvre, HonFCLIP, Independent Information Consultant, Lefebvre Associates, Oxford, United Kingdom

ceicon_es.pngHands-on Computer Courses icon CE107 Going for the Grey: Finding Grey Literature for Complex Reviews
Cost: $345 (nonmember: $615)
Attendance maximum: 25

Acquire practical skills in planning, executing, and reporting grey literature searches for various types of complex reviews, including systematic reviews, meta-analyses, and realist reviews. Through presentations and hands-on explorations of grey literature search sources, case-based searching exercises, problem-solving activities, and discussions, you will learn about the value of grey literature and how to use advanced search engine techniques, appraise results, and find the right grey literature for your review.

Instructors: Sarah Bonato, Reference/Research Librarian, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), Toronto, ON, Canada; and Kelly Farrah, AHIP, Research Information Specialist, and Monika Mierzwinski-Urban, Research Information Specialist, Research Information Services, Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH), Ottawa, ON, Canada

CE200  Librarians' Role in Supporting Public Access Mandates to Publications and Data Generated Through Federally Funded Research Course Cancelled

Learn how to support researchers in complying with federal funder public access mandates for publication and data access. Gain a full understanding of public access mandates for federally funded research and of the importance of data management and sharing in meeting mandate guidelines. Leave the course with an action plan for service implementation to support your institution’s federally funded research activities.

Instructors: Merle Rosenzweig, Informationist, and Kate Saylor, Informationist, Taubman Health Sciences Library, University of Michigan–Ann Arbor

CE401 Making Your Library Positively Accessible Course Cancelled

Your library may be Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)–compliant, yet your environment and resources might not be accessible! In this course, you will explore the new functional diversity model and other concepts of disability; examine the accessibility of your library; learn practical ways to make your library, programs, and website more accessible; and build your skills in assisting people with disabilities in a positive way. You will leave with an accessibility plan for your library and new skills in problem-solving accessibility concerns.

Instructor: JJ Pionke, Applied Health Sciences Librarian, University Library, University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign

CE503 Use Your Librarian Skills to Do Real World Research Course Cancelled

This course offers an exceptional opportunity for you to use your librarian skills to do real, meaningful research. You will learn how to assess the information needs of patient and health care provider groups and design ways to meet those needs. The presenters will use lectures, group and individual activities, and their own success stories to teach and inspire and to take you through the steps of conducting embedded research, from securing buy-in from stakeholders to collecting, analyzing, and reporting findings.

Instructors: Susan LaValley, National Research Service Award Postdoctoral Fellow, Primary Care Research Institute, Department of Family Medicine, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, and PJ Grier, Associate Director, Library, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Philadelphia, PA

CE601 Institutional Review Boards (IRBs): Integrating Information Professionals into the Process
Cost: $265 (nonmember: $490)
Attendance maximum: 30

Learn how to successfully submit an institutional review board (IRB) application, aid investigators with protocol development and informed consent documents, and gain an understanding of the role information professionals can play as IRB committee members. The interactive course will include the use of presentations, case scenarios, hands on exercises, and group activities. No previous experience or knowledge is required.

Instructors: Taneya Y. Koonce, Associate Director, Research; Sheila V. Kusnoor, Senior Research Information Scientist; Zachary E. Fox, Associate Director, Information Services; Annette M. Williams, Senior Information Scientist; and Mallory N. Blasingame, Information Scientist; Center for Knowledge Management, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, TN

CE602 Goal: Success at Being a Solo Librarian!
Cost: $265 (nonmember: $490)

If you are a solo librarian, you know you have to do it all and continue to show your value to your institution. Through group problem-solving activities and presentations, you will create a success strategy based on an assessment of your skills and situation. You will learn how to form alliances, pitch your services, budget your time and money, elevate your profile...and realize you can do it all smartly, wisely, and in comfort!

Instructors: Helen-Ann Brown Epstein, AHIP, FMLA, Informationist, Health Sciences Library, Virtua, Mt Laurel, NJ, and Louise McLaughlin, Information Specialist, Health Sciences Library, Woman’s Hospital, Baton Rouge, LA


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