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MLA'19 Meeting Logos and Artwork


Terms of Use

  • You may not change the content of the written text.
  • You may place the logo at an angle.
  • If you need to resize the image, please scale proportionately.
  • Use the color version of the meeting logo for slides, electronic, and web-based presentations.
  • For questions regarding the use of this logo or for alternative file formats, please send us an email.
  • Click here for the style sheet PDF


Typeface: Futura. Logo uses: CONDENSED, EXTRA BLACK


MAIN COLORS: RED: 3/8/72/3, #ff0000; BLACK: 30/30/30/100, #000000

SECONDARY COLORS: BROWN: #795124, PURPLE: #945398, PINK: #dd5d97,BLUE: #50a3d4, GREEN: #64b254, ORANGE: #ee9042, YELLOW: #f5df44



Black & White / For Use in Screen Printing/Etching

This black/white version of the logo works well for laser-printed materials, offset-printed one-color newsletters, photocopies and would also work well for screen printed or etched materials, fabric, ceramic, metal, and so on.


New at MLA '19! Option to share personal pronouns on badges!

MLA ’19 Continuing Education