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Get a Sneak Peek of MLA ’24 Contributed Content: Accepted Immersion Sessions and Papers

We're excited to share a sneak peek of accepted contributed content! Here are the accepted immersion sessions and contributed papers. Check out the MLA ’24 preliminary program for more details!

Registration is now open!

Take advantage of early bird rates through April 17, 2024.  Learn more about individual and group registration rates.

Immersion Sessions

Immersion Sessions are up to 75 minutes of "deep dives" into a single topic. The format may include interactive panel presentations, role-playing, gamification, discussions, working groups, and other activities engaging with the audience.

An Ally is an Activist is an Advocate: An LGBTQIA+ Panel Discussion & Workshop | Education, Health Equity & Global Health, Innovation & Research Practice, Professionalism & Leadership
Sponsor: LGBTQIA+ Caucus

Bringing the New MLA Research Agenda to Life...Together | Innovation & Research Practice, Professionalism & Leadership
Sponsor: Research Caucus

Building a Strong & Supportive Workplace: Negating Incivility & Bullying in the Library Environment | Professionalism & Leadership

Career Planning Bootcamp for Health Science Librarians | Professionalism & Leadership
Sponsors: Early Career Librarian Initiative of the South Central Chapter, Leadership & Management Caucus, Public Services Caucus, and Professional Recruitment and Retention Committee

Case by Case: A Panel Discussion and Workshop on Developing Case Scenarios for Health Sciences Related Searching Demonstrations in Instruction | Clinical Support, Education, Information Services
Sponsor: Libraries in Health Sciences Curriculums Caucus

Creating Community: Librarians Growing Stronger Together in Communities of Practice | Professionalism & Leadership
Sponsors: African American Medical Librarians Alliance, Northwest Arkansas Library Association, Early Career Librarians Initiative

Creating Interdisciplinary Interest in the All of Us Researcher Workbench Across Campus Communities | Education, Information Services, Innovation & Research Practice

Deciphering the Editorial Peer Review Process | Innovation & Research Practice
Sponsors: Research Caucus, Medical Library Education Caucus, Scholarly Communications Caucus, and Systematic Review Caucus

Designing Health Sciences Library Instruction for Scalability | Education

“Do You See Me?”: The Lack of Representation of Diverse Skin Tones in Medical Education | Education, Health Equity & Global Health
Sponsors: African American Medical Librarians Alliance, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Ladder or Lattice? Redefining Career Success Based on Your Values | Professionalism & Leadership
Sponsors: Leadership & Management Caucus and Osteopathic Caucus

Lessons in Slow Librarianship: Making Room for Thought, Intention, and Kindness | Professionalism & Leadership
Sponsor: African American Medical Librarians Alliance

Novel Librarian Collaborations: Stronger Together | Information Services
Sponsor: Hospital Library Caucus & Research Caucus

Pause on the Play: Prioritizing Wellness and Wellbeing in Health Sciences Libraries | Professionalism & Leadership
Sponsor: African American Medical Librarians Alliance

Reenvisioning Libraries in Uncertain Times: Attracting, Retaining and Growing Highly Talented Teams! | Professionalism & Leadership
Sponsors: New Members Caucus, Academic Libraries Caucus, ACRL health sciences group, African American Medical Librarians Alliance

Speed Dating Through Evidence Synthesis Education: Finding Your Instructional Match | Information Services
Sponsor: Systematic Reviews Caucus

Teaching for the Non-Teacher: Creating a Lesson Plan | Education
Sponsor: Medical Library Education Caucus

The Image of the Medical Profession in Film | Professionalism & Leadership
Sponsor: History of the Health Sciences Caucus

Contributed Papers

Contributed papers fall under two categories: research and program. Research papers report on designing, conducting, and analyzing a research project. Program papers describe the creation and improvement of products, programs, technologies, administrative practices, or services that librarians and information professionals conduct.

Clinical Support

A Descriptive Study of Perceived Health Information Needs among Ohio’s Public Librarians

Doing It Together: Integrating a Clinical Education Librarian into a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Team

Strength in Numbers: Using Data on Library Literature Searches to Measure Impact on Evidence-Based Patient Care and Hospital Policy/Procedure Changes

Utilization and Uptake of the UpToDate Clinical Decision Support Tool in Selected Medical Schools in Uganda (August 2022-August 2023)

Clinical Support, Education

Academic and Hospital Libraries: Stronger Together with Shared Resources

Building a Consensus for Tracking the Impact of Libraries: A Delphi study

Evaluating Tools/Instruments for Assessing YouTube Videos on Surgical Procedures for Patient/Health Consumer Education: A Systematic Review

Evaluation of Assessment Tools Used for Judging the Quality of Online Patient Educational Information on Cardiovascular Diseases

Teaching Librarians about NLP Tools for Clinical Text De-Identification

Clinical Support, Health Equity & Global Health

Integration into MyChart: A Pipe Dream?

Utilizing the Newest Vital Sign (NVS) to Assess Health Literacy at a Regional Academic Medical Center’s Family Medicine Clinic

Clinical Support, Professionalism & Leadership

Clinical Librarian Starter Pack

Developing a Team-Based Approach to Medical School Liaison Services


“Hello World!”: Helping Medical Librarians Up-Skill with Python Basics

All About Systematic Reviews: Making Quality Learning Equitable and Freely Accessible to All

An Academic Health Sciences Library’s Experience Providing Training in Generative Artificial Intelligence

Assessing the Preclinical Evidence-Based Medicine Curriculum: Results from a Novel Pre- and Post-Test Instrument

ChatGPT and Information Literacy Instructions: A Multi-Site Case Study of Possible Models for Introducing Students to AI LLMs in the Classroom

Creating a Graphic Medicine Book Club to Promote Interprofessional Education and Community Building

Creating Research Culture in a Physician Assistant (PA) Program

Evaluation of Empathy Development Using Graphic Novels in a Medical Humanities First-Year Seminar

Health Misinformation Resilience Programming in Public Libraries: Community Outreach by Academic Librarians

Integrating AI Large Language Models into PubMed Searching for a Medical Student Grand Rounds Course

No SLAC’ing Here: Reviving a Student Advisory Committee to Better Engage and Include Student Voices

SEE-ing Results in LibGuide User Testing: Applying the SEE Protocol for LibGuide User Testing

Strengthening Self-Directed Learning: Librarians and Faculty Collaborate on Curriculum

Using Asynchronous Education to Teach Question Formulation and Searching Skills within a Post-Bachelor’s DNP Program

Education, Health Equity & Global Health

Decoding the Misinformation-Legislation Pipeline: How Misinformation and Legislation Reproduce Harm and What Librarians Can Do About It

Does Medical Terminology Support Equity? It’s Not What We Say, It’s How We Say It

Onward & Upward: Highlighting the Contributions of Black Urologists through their Scholarship

Education, Information Management

Assessing Reproducibility Among Recent Trainees

How Do Journals and Publishers of Highly Selected Journals React to Submissions of Artificial Intelligence Assisted Manuscripts?

No Bones About It: Developing Stronger Anatomical Model Collections Together

There’s Strength in Numbers: Evaluation of a Cohort Internship Program for Data Librarianship

Using Principle-based Instruction to Overcome Challenges in Teaching Systematic Review Methods Across Disciplines: a workshop case study

Education, Professionalism & Leadership

Implementing Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

From Instruction to Health Sciences Librarianship: Coming Together to Support Career Fluidity

Six Years of CAIFL: Pushing the Limits of Librarianship Together

Understanding Transitions of Public Librarians to Health Science Librarianship

Education, Information Services

A Scoping Review of Librarian Involvement in Competency-Based Medical Education

Creating a Publishing and Impact Service

Embedded Librarianship in Pilot Online MPH Program

Enhancing Library Services for the Virtual Medical Library Community Through Creative Event Planning

Forming a Campus Wide Systematic Review Working Group

Implementing Redcap Research Data Collection Services at Your Library

More Than the ABCs: Assessing the Information Needs of School Nurses

Providing Health Information to Patients: An Elective Experience for Fourth Year Medical Students

Stronger Together: Supporting Student Success with Cross-Campus Collaboration

Supporting Arts in Medicine and Health Humanities Through Collaboration

Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Walking Guides for Self-Directed Nature-Based Therapy

Turn Down the Volume, Turn Up the Skills: Addressing Consult Volume through Co-curricular Graduate Student Programming

Education, Innovation & Research Practice

Going Further Together: Collaboratively Building a Brand New Research Impact Challenge

High School Push-In Program to Encourage Pursuit of a Career in Library Science

Integration of an Information Literacy Component into a Research Skills Training Program for Nurse Leaders: Development, Implementation, and Evaluation

Library-Led Interprofessional Education Using NNLM Grant Funding Examples

Health Equity & Global Health

Advancing Digital Equity in Rural Agricultural Communities: An Applied Research Project

The Health Sciences Library’s Role in Embedding Family Resource Centers in Federally Qualified Health Centers

Health Equity & Global Health, Information Management

Strategic Planning for Data Equity in a Department of Public Health: Challenges and Opportunities

Health Equity & Global Health, Information Services

The Power of Networking: Creating a Stronger Medical Librarian Community in Uganda

Health Equity & Global Health, Innovation & Research Practice

Donor Weight Criteria in US Body Donation Programs: Website Analysis, Results, & Next Steps

Seeking Solutions for Global Challenges: Furthering Global Librarianship with a UN SDG-Aligned Research Project

Information Management

Building A Research Ethics Protocol Data Archive at the Kamuzu University of Health Sciences: Challenges and Opportunities

Building the Capacity of Health Librarians for Data Management services in Africa: A National Library of Medicine and DSI-Africa Initiatives

Disaster Informatics Over Time: A Bibliometric Study from 2016 to 2022

New Ways to Engage Users and Provide Access to Primary Source Documents Arising from the Opioid Industry

Strengthening Our Understanding of Librarian Roles in Supporting Medical Image Consent Standards

The Library Value in Louisiana State University Health Shreveport Grant Associated Publication Citations

Information Management, Information Services

An Exploratory Inquiry of the Trends and Practices of Using AI Tools in Systematic Reviews and Their Adherence to Methodological Quality Guidance

Collaboration in Cost-Sharing: Establishing Good Foundations for Long-Term Partnerships

Discovery Systems and Academic Health Sciences Libraries 2015-2024

Lasting Impact of COVID-19 on the Programs and Services Provided by Academic Health Sciences Libraries

Library Return-on-Investment Update: Model Correlating Institutional Investment in Libraries with Grant Income

Textbook and Board Exam Prep Resources: Trends in Academic Health Sciences Libraries Serving College of Osteopathic Medicine Programs

The Reality of Replicability: Evaluating the Capacity of Database Interfaces to Support Searching for Systematic Reviews

Information Management, Innovation & Research Practice

Evidence Updates: Using a Performance Comparison to Evaluate Four Distinct AI-Assisted Citation Screening Tools

Python Programming for Medical Librarians: Harnessing Data Analysis and Visualization

The Evolution of an Electronic Lab Notebook Community

Information Services

Adaptive Space: A Student-Centric Approach to a Health Sciences Library Wellness Room

An Exploration of Basic/Life Science Information Professionals: Educational Background, Liaison Roles and Carnegie Classification

Being Stronger by Being Present: The Role Liaison Librarians

Building a Research Data Services Program: Lessons in Community and Identity

Building a Stronger Systematic Review Service One Intervention at a Time

“But Do I Really Need to Work with a Librarian?”: Exploring the Reporting and Reproducibility of Comprehensive Reviews Published on an Academic Medical Campus

Database Usage Patterns in Existing Systematic, Scoping, and Rapid Reviews

Let’s Wing It: Delivering Print in a Virtual World

Moving Out of the House (Librarian Program): Creating a New Medical Student Liaison Model

Strengthening Community Engagement: Collaborative Outreach Initiatives

Update and Expansion of an Interprofessional Education Search Strategy Validation Study for NLM PubMed, Ovid MEDLINE, and Elsevier Embase

Information Services, Innovation & Research Practice

An Empirical Study Evaluating ChatGPT’s Performance in Generating Search Strategies for Systematic Reviews

Capturing User Feedback on Library Spaces

In Their Own Words: Surveying GME Trainees on Meeting Their Program Requirements and Accreditation Milestones

They Don’t Have Time for the Library--Understanding What the Literature Says about GME Trainees and Their Needs

Using iCite to Generate Bibliometrics Reports to Support Evidence-Based Decision Making

Onboarding Experiences: Through the Looking Glass of Early Career Health Sciences Librarians

Passing the Baton: Peer Mentorship and Succession Planning in the Retention and Cultivation of Professional Relationships

Innovation & Research Practice

A Qualitative Mixed Methods Exploratory Assessment of the Role of Alabama’s Public Libraries to Address the Opioid Crises

Applying Machine Learning to Prioritize Literature Search Results: A 5-year Review at an Academic Medical Library

Beyond Traditional Publication Metrics: Expanding Impact Measurement of Librarian Co-Authored Publications Using Altmetrics

Data Core: A Library Service for the Analysis of Sensitive Datasets

Improving PICO Search Strategies with Causal Inference Methods

Influence from eHealth Literacy and Two Types of Online Health Information Seeking Behaviors on Health Behaviors among Diabetic Patients

It’s Logical: Using a Logic Model to Plan and Evaluate a Campus-Wide Initiatives for Open Science

Scoping Reviews in Library and Information Science

The 100 Top-Cited Articles in Osteopathic Medical Education: A Bibliometric Analysis

Innovation & Research Practice, Professionalism & Leadership

If You Don’t Count It, Did It Happen?: Centralizing and Standardizing Library Statistics

Professionalism & Leadership

A Comparison of an Academic Health Sciences Library Director Profile in 2009 and 2024

A Gamified Design Process for an Academic Health Sciences Library Remodel

Building a Stronger MLA Together: Analyzing Member Engagement with MLA Caucuses

Cultivating Values of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Through a Book Club in Health Sciences Education

Expert-Recommended Tasks for Hospital Librarians During a Healthcare System Merger or Acquisition: An e-Delphi Consensus Statement

Health Sciences Cancellations: Lessons Learned

Learning on the Job

Lifelong Learning a Month at a Time: The Development and Ongoing Assessment of an Internal Professional Development Program

Power through Agency and Empowerment: An Observational Study of Equity in Credentialing and Hiring Practices in Libraries

Project Management Level Up: How the Right Tools and Training Can Improve Collaboration in Your Library

Strengthening the Workforce through the Health Sciences Librarianship Apprenticeship Program

Stronger Together: Libraries, Their Governing Bodies, and Our Worth

The Medical Library as a Connector to Campus Well-Being

This is How We Do It: Tenure & Promotion in Academic Health Sciences Libraries

Using a General Survey to Determine Value: One Health Sciences Library’s Experience Customizing the MISO Survey

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