Past and Future MLA Conferences

See a history of past MLA annual conferences and where our meetings will be held in future years.

Future Conferences

2025Pittsburgh, PAApril 29-May 2
2026Milwaukee, WIMay 19-22

Past Conferences

The MLA annual conference generates a wealth of recorded electronic content, including plenary videos, content for session programs, and posters. These files are available to registrants, including online conference registrants, as soon as the meeting is over. 

The proceedings of the MLA annual meeting are published in an issue of the Journal of the Medical Library Association each year following the meeting year. Questions about the annual meeting proceedings should be directed to the proceedings editors.

YearLocationDatesConference Records and Information
2024Portland, ORHybrid: May 18-21Online Meeting Content (available to registered attendees) | Proceedings | Preliminary Program |Official Program | Paper Abstracts | Poster Abstracts | Logo & Brand Guide | Website
2023MLA | SLA ’23
Detroit, MI
Hybrid: May 16-19Online Meeting Content (available to registered attendees) | ProceedingsPreliminary ProgramOfficial Program | Paper Abstracts | Poster AbstractsLogo
2022New Orleans, LAHybrid: April 27-29 virtual; May 2–7 in-personProceedingsPreliminary ProgramOnsite ProgramPaper AbstractsPoster AbstractsLogo | Website
2021VirtualMay 10-27ProceedingsOfficial vConference GuidePaper AbstractsPoster AbstractsLogo | Website
2020VirtualJuly 27-August 28Proceedings | Preliminary ProgramOfficial ProgramPaper AbstractsPoster AbstractsLogo | Website
2019Chicago, ILMay 3-8ProceedingsPreliminary ProgramOfficial ProgramPaper AbstractsPoster AbstractsLogo | Website
2018Atlanta, GAMay 18-23ProceedingsPreliminary ProgramOfficial ProgramPaper AbstractsPoster Abstracts | Logo | Website
2017Seattle, WAMay 26-31ProceedingsPreliminary Program | Official ProgramPaper AbstractsPoster Abstracts | Logo | Website
2016Toronto, ON, CanadaMay 13-18ProceedingsPreliminary Program | Official Program | Paper AbstractsPoster AbstractsLogo
2015Austin, TXMay 15-20Proceedings | Preliminary Program | Official Program | Paper Abstracts | Poster Abstracts Logo
2014Chicago, ILMay 16–21Proceedings | Preliminary Program | Official Program | Abstracts | Logo
2013Boston, MAMay 3–8Proceedings | Preliminary Program | Official Program | Abstracts | Logo
2012Seattle, WAMay 18–23Proceedings | Preliminary Program | Official Program | Abstracts | Logo
2011Minneapolis, MNMay 13–18Proceedings | Preliminary Program | Official Program | Abstracts | Logo
2010Washington, DCMay 21–26Proceedings | Preliminary Program | Official Program | Abstracts | Logo
2009Honolulu, HIMay 15–20Proceedings  | Preliminary Program | Official Program | Abstracts | Logo
2008Chicago, ILMay 16–21Proceedings  | Preliminary Program | Official Program | Abstracts | Logo
2007Philadelphia, PAMay 18–23Proceedings | Preliminary Program | Official Program | Abstracts | Logo
2006Phoenix, AZMay 19–24Proceedings | Preliminary Program | Official Program | Abstracts | Logo
2005San Antonio, TXMay 14–19Proceedings | Preliminary Program | Official Program | Abstracts | Logo
2004Washington, DCMay 21–26Proceedings | Preliminary Program | Official Program | Abstracts | Logo
2003San Diego, CAMay 2–7Proceedings | Preliminary Program | Official Program | Abstracts | Logo
2002Dallas, TXMay 17–23Proceedings | Preliminary Program | Official Program | Abstracts | Logo
2001Orlando, FLMay 25–31Proceedings | Official Program | Abstracts | Logo
2000Vancouver, BC, CanadaMay 5–11Proceedings | Preliminary Program | Official Program
1999Chicago, ILMay 15–19Proceedings | Official Program
1998Philadelphia, PAMay 22–27Proceedings | Official Program
1997Seattle, WAMay 23–28Proceedings | Official Program
1996Kansas City, MOMay 31–June 5Proceedings | Official Program
1995Washington, DCMay 5–10Proceedings | Official Program
1994San Antonio, TXMay 13–18Proceedings | Official Program
1993Chicago, ILMay 14–20Proceedings | Official Program
1992Washington, DCMay 15–21Proceedings | Official Program
1991San Francisco, CAMay 31–June 6Proceedings | Official Program
1990Detroit, MIMay 18–24Proceedings | Official Program
1989Boston, MAMay 19–25Proceedings | Official Program
1988New Orleans, LAMay 20–26Proceedings | Official Program  
1987Portland, ORMay 15–21Proceedings | Official Program 
1986Minneapolis, MNMay 16–22Proceedings | Official Program
1985New York, NYMay 25–30Proceedings | Official Program 
1984Denver, COJune 11–17Proceedings | Official Program
1983Houston, TXMay 27–June 2Proceedings | Official Program 
1982Anaheim, CAJune 11–17Proceedings | Official Program
1981Montreal, PQ, CanadaMay 29–June 4Proceedings | Official Program 
1980Washington, DCJune 14–19Proceedings | Official Program
1979Honolulu, HIJune 2–7Proceedings | Official Program
1978Chicago, ILJune 10–15Proceedings | Official Program
1977Seattle, WAJune 11–16Proceedings | Official Program 
1976Minneapolis, MNJune 14–17Proceedings | Official Program 
1975Cleveland, OHJune 2–5Proceedings | Official Program
1974San Antonio, TXJune 2–6Official Program
1973Kansas City, MOMay 27–31Proceedings | Official Program 
1972San Diego, CAJune 11–15Proceedings | Official Program 
1971New York, NYMay 30–June 3Proceedings | Official Program
1970New Orleans, LAMay 18–21Proceedings | Official Program 
1969Louisville, KYOctober 26–30Proceedings
1968Denver, COJune 9–13
1967Miami, FLJune 11–16Proceedings
1966Boston, MAJune 6–10Proceedings
1965Philadelphia, PAMay 31–June 3
1964San Francisco, CAJune 1–4Proceedings
1963Washington, DCJune 16–22Proceedings
1962Chicago, ILJune 4–8Proceedings
1961Seattle, WAMay 7–12Proceedings
1960Kansas City, MOMay 16–20Proceedings
1959Toronto, ON, CanadaJune 15–19Proceedings
1958Rochester, MNJune 2–6Proceedings
1957New York, NYMay 5–10Proceedings
1956Los Angeles, CAJune 19–22Proceedings
1955Milwaukee, WIMay 16–20Proceedings
1954Washington, DCJune 15–18Proceedings
1953Salt Lake City, UTJune 16–19Proceedings
1952Lake Placid, NYJune 24–27Proceedings
1951Denver, COJune 28–July 2Proceedings
1950Boston, MAJune 19–22Proceedings
1949Galveston, TXApril 10–14Proceedings
1948Philadelphia, PAMay 28–30Proceedings
1947Cleveland, OHMay 27–29Proceedings
1946New Haven, CTMarch 25–27Proceedings
1945no meeting  
1944no meeting  
1943no meeting  
1942New Orleans, LAMay 7–9Proceedings
1941Ann Arbor, MIMay 28–30
1940Portland, ORJune 25–27
1939Newark, NJJune 27–29
1938Boston, MAJune 27–30
1937Richmond, VAMay 24–26
1936St. Paul, Minneapolis, and Rochester, MNJune 22–24
1935Rochester, NYJune 17–19
1934Baltimore, MDMay 21–23
1933Chicago, ILJune 19–21
1932San Francisco, CAJune 20–22
1931New Orleans, LAMay 19–21
1930Montreal, PQ, CanadaJune 25–27
1929Cleveland, OHSeptember 3–5
1928New York, NYSeptember 5–7
1927Washington, DCMay 16–17
1926Ann Arbor, MIJune 7–9
1925Atlantic City, NJMay 25–26
1924Chicago, ILJune 9–10
1923Baltimore, MDMay 7
1922St. Louis, MOMay 22
1921Boston, MAJune 6–7
1920Washington, DCMay 20–22
1919Atlantic City, NJJune 9
1918no meeting  
1917New York, NYJune 4–6
1916Detroit/Ann Arbor, MIJune 12–13
1915Washington, DCMay 10
1914Atlantic City, NJJune 22–23
1913Washington, DCMay 5
1912Atlantic City, NJJune 3–4
1911Atlantic City, NJMay 9–10
1910St. Louis, MOJune 6–7
1909Washington, DC/
Baltimore, MD
May 12–13
1908Chicago, ILJune 1
1907Atlantic City, NJJune 3
1906Boston, MAJune 4
1905Boston, MAJune 24
1904Atlantic City, NJJune 6
1903Brooklyn, NYMay 16
1902Saratoga Springs, NYno date
1901Baltimore, MDno date
1900Atlantic City, NJJune 4
1899Philadelphia, PAOctober 5
1898Philadelphia, PAMay 2