AIM for Excellence

Improve the metrics you care about: your patients’ experience, the health of your community, and the per-person costs of healthcare.

AIM for Excellence With Information From Medical Librarians

Research demonstrates that librarian-led information services significantly contribute to your institution’s mission: better care, better decisions, cost savings, fewer adverse events.


  • 39% of users of clinical librarian services reported a positive impact on quality of patient care; plus
    • 45% reported that services ensured that interventions were based on best practice or current evidence;
    • 25% reported improvement in patient and staff safety; and
    • 16% reported reduced referral, tests, and readmissions. (Brettle, A,, 2016)
  • 86% of post-study participants surveyed rated their level of satisfaction with the just-in-time information service as having a positive impact on the care they provided to their patients (McGowan, J,  et. al, 2008)
  • 75% said that they definitely or probably handled patient care differently using information obtained through the library (Marshall, JG, et. al., 2014)
  • 88% of respondents on the intervention team reported changing a treatment based on new information skills taught by a librarian, and 79% changed a treatment plan based on a search done by the librarian (Aitken, EM,, 2011)


Notable Research Data

  • In one Veterans Administration (VA) study (8 hospitals) where clinical searches were conducted by librarians, health professionals said about search results:
    • 95%—useful to direct patient care;
    • 89%—reinforced a mode of treatment;
    • 49%—influenced the advice to patient and family;
    • 49%—altered the mode of treatment;
    • 30%—influenced the choice of treatment;
    • 30%—affected the choice of drugs;
    • 14%—influenced the diagnosis. (Jemison, K, et. al., 2009)
  • A study in 118 hospitals with more than 16,122 participants found that
    • 95% reported that information provided by a librarian resulted in better informed clinical decisions
    • 48% changed advice given to a patient;
    • 33% changed the choice of drugs;
    • 25% changed a diagnosis;
    • 23% changed the choice of tests;  and
    • 12% changed post-hospital care or treatment as a result of using resources and services provided by librarians or the library  (Marshall, JG, et. al., 2013)
  • A systematic review of 28 studies demonstrated a range of impacts including:
    • 37-97% impact on patient care;
    • 10-31% impact on diagnosis;
    • 20-51% change in choice of tests; and
    • 27-45% change in choice of therapy (Weightman, AL,, 2005)


  • In a large study across more than 110 hospitals:
    • 13% avoided misdiagnosis and adverse drug reactions;
    • 12% reduced medication errors;
    • 6% avoided patient mortality (Marshall, JG,, 2013)
  • Health care professionals reported benefits as a result of information from search requests in 8 Veterans Administration hospitals:
    • 3% avoided adverse events or complications, while
    • 8% avoided patient mortality (Jemison, K, et. al., 2009)


Notable Research Data

  • Librarian contributions to morning reports led to
    • a decrease in hospital length of stay of 2 days per case; and
  • 85% of respondents reported that information provided by a librarian or through services provided by the library saved them time
    • average time saved was  2.5 hours per person per case (Marshall, JG, et. al. 2013)
  • 12% reported cost savings through reduced hospital length of stay (Brettle, A, et. al, 2016)
  • A systematic review of 28 studies indicated a 10-19% reduction in length of patient stay (Weightman, AL,, 2005)
  • Librarians locate information more quickly and less expensively than clinicians, freeing up healthcare providers’ time so they could focus on patient care.
    • On average, librarians provided responses to questions 6.61 minutes more quickly than health professionals;
    • the average salary savings per search was $13.60 minimum for librarian searches. (McGowan, J, et. al, 2008)


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