MLA specializations help you obtain an additional level of expertise in a specific health information field that you can use to further your career and become more valuable in your workplace. Each program requires the completion of an approved curriculum of courses. Courses and other educational offerings are MLA-approved and developed for each specialization.

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Consumer Health Information Specialization

The MLA Consumer Health Information Specialization (CHIS) offers training in providing health information services to consumers and recognition for the accomplishment of acquiring new health information skills. By earning your CHIS, you acquire skills and knowledge needed to become a confident, expert provider of health information to your community.

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Data Services Specialization

Earning the MLA Data Services Specialization (DSS) indicates that you have received training in providing data services to researchers, clinicians, students, librarians, and others who work with data--and recognition for the accomplishment of acquiring skills in providing data services. A Level I DSS certificate is available now. A Level II certificate is planned for 2023.

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Systematic Review Services Specialization

Earning a Systematic Review Services Specialization (SRSS) shows employers and colleagues that you have the information retrieval and management skills to support users and researchers in conducting high quality and reproducible systematic reviews.