MLA Membership for Institutions

MLA’s institutional membership focuses on supporting libraries and their staff members in the healthcare environment.

Institutional dues are based on the number of library/information center FTEs that directly serve medical and health sciences patrons, exclusive of student, temporary or grant-funded positions.

Membership is for 12 months, and all dues are payable in US dollars. Review benefits below.

Institutional Membership ($368-$1,470)

Library/information center with 1-2 FTEs ($368/year)

Library/information center with 3-7 FTEs ($613/year)

Library/information center with 8-15 FTEs ($980/year)

Library/information center with 16+ FTEs ($1,470/year)

Dues are based on the number of library/information center FTEs that directly serve medical and health sciences patrons. Do not include student, temporary, or grant-funded positions.

When calculating FTEs, please consider individuals in your library who provide services to your health sciences patrons—whether they be residents, physicians, nurses, or medical or allied health students, researchers, or educators.

You may exclude in your count individuals who are student or temporary workers; grant-funded positions; or internal-only administrative, IT, or fiscal management staff.

In multi-disciplinary libraries, please adjust your calculation to reflect time dedicated solely to healthcare patrons as noted above.

What Are My Benefits?

The official representative for an institution is eligible to receive all benefits of an individual member. In addition, institutions receive:

 BenefitLEVEL 1: Library/information center with 1-2 FTEsLEVEL 2: Library/information center with 3-7 FTEsLEVEL 3: Library/information center with 8-15 FTEsLEVEL 4: Library/information center with 16+ FTEs
25% discounts on MLANET job adsXXXX
Support your staff professional development with discounts on MLA educational products with institutional member pricing on site licenses for MLA webinars and moreXXXX
Group discounts on MLA annual conferences; non-MLA member staff receive discounted rates; additional discounts for staff presenting at MLA conferences10% discount12.5% discount15% discount17.5% discount
Public policy/legislative representation on national & regulatory issues that affect medical libraries, parent institutionsXXXX

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