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Official Meeting Blogger: Systematic Review Services session

Monday afternoon I attended a few different sessions that focused on launching a systematic review service at a library, including “Building an Interprofessional Literature Review Service Using a Service Framework and Design Thinking” (UC, Davis) and “#BLESS: Starting a Systematic Review Service from the Ground Up” (UCLA). Although they were different in several ways, here are few key takeaways:


  • Get to know your (potential) users and their needs. There are a variety of ways you can go about doing this (e.g., personas, surveys, etc.).
  • Learn from other libraries and librarians through an environmental scan of others’ websites and a literature review.
  • Brainstorm collaboratively. Think about the structure of your service, intake forms and technology you might employ.
  • Iterate! Modify your new service based on any issues or feedback you receive.
  • There may be interest in the new review service if even if it’s not officially been promoted.

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