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Robinson, Ida Marion Breed*

MLA Elected Offices and Committee Chair Appointments

  • Board of Directors, member, 1962–1964
  • Committee on Committees, member, 1961–1964
  • Personnel Survey Committee, chair, 1947–1962
  • Annual Meeting, Program Committee, member, 1953–1954
  • MLA Placement advisor, 1947–1958
  • Mid-Atlantic Chapter (Mid Atlantic Regional Group), founding member, 1952; Regional Meeting Steering Committee, chair, 1961–1962; 1963–1964; chair, 1963


Honors and Awards

  • Fellow, 1966
  • MLA, first person elected to life membership, 1966
  • MLA Certification, 1951
Other Awards
  • Century Travel Club membership for having visited over 100 countries
  • University of Maryland, Health Sciences Library, Librarian Emerita, 1965
  • Who’s Who in American Women, 3rd edition, 1964–1965
  • American Library Association, life member, 1959
Other Accomplishments and Activities
  • Consolidated five libraries into a single health sciences library building, widely acclaimed as a model of library planning and design
  • University of Maryland–Baltimore, School of Nursing, volunteer archivist
  • Friends of the Armed Services Medical Library, secretary treasurer, 1953–1954
  • Special Libraries Association, Baltimore Chapter, Placement Committee, chair, 1952–1958; Nominating Committee, member, 1952–1958; Membership Committee, chair, 1946–1948; Board of Directors, member, 1946–1948
  • University of Maryland, School of Medicine, Campus and Buildings Executive Committee of the Planning Committee, vice chair, 1953–1954; University Senate Library Committee, member, 1948–1964
  • Army Medical Library, invited expert testimony on recruitment and placement, 1948
  • Published Poems for Pierrot and other literary works, 1939–1944


Publications (5 representative)

  • Robinson IM. The Health Sciences Library, University of Maryland, a history, 1813–1960. Baltimore, MD: [University of Maryland;] 1962.
  • Robinson IM. Personnel trends of a decade in medical libraries [festschrift in honor of Janet Doe]. Bull Med Lib Assoc. 1957 Jul;45(3): 386–8 [cited 16 Feb 2013].
  • Robinson IM. Gifts with strings attached. Bull Med Lib Assoc. 1953 Oct;41(4):422–3 [cited 16 Feb 2013].
  • Robinson IM. Survey on employment and salary standards in libraries of the medical sciences. Survey Committee, Medical Library Association; 1948.
  • Robinson IM. The library, an adjunct to teaching. J Am Coll Dent. 1945 Sep;12:208–11.


Professional Positions

  • Deputy Director, Medical School Library, University of Miami, Miami, FL, 1967
  • Associate Professor, Medical, Dental, & Pharmacy Library (Health Sciences Library), University of Maryland–Baltimore, 1951–1965
  • Librarian, Medical, Dental, & Pharmacy Library (Health Sciences Library), University of Maryland–Baltimore, 1946–1965
  • Librarian, Payne Whitney Psychiatric Clinic Library, Cornell Medical Center, New York, NY, 1937–1944
  • Assistant Cataloger, Agricultural Library, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 1930–1934
  • Foreign Exchange Assistant, Agricultural Library, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 1929–1930
  • Teacher of English and Latin, high school and college preparatory school, 1924–1929


MLA published statements about the fellow



  • BS, library science, Columbia University, New York, NY, 1944
  • AB, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY (Phi Beta Kappa), 1924


(Birth 1903; Death 1985)

Contributed by Diane McKenzie with assistance from the staff of the Health Sciences and Human Services Library, University of Maryland–Baltimore

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