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Official Meeting Blogger: Posters

The theme of this year’s MLA Conference was to “elevate,” and the posters presented delivered. Many of the posters discussed how they improved, changed, reimagined, empowered, or “elevated” an aspect of their library.

For instance, a poster from the University of Hawaii at Manoa discussed how Wikipedia editing could be used to improve information literacy for medical students. The pilot study found that by having first-year medical students edit Wikipedia, their information literacy skills statistically increased by a significant amount.    

Other posters also used the benefits of technology to their advantage. The James A. Haley Veterans Hospital and Clinics in Tampa, Florida are beta testing an online educational game called Floridiana Jones. The game was designed to help their patrons better understand diabetes management.

There were 189 posters exhibited at this year’s annual MLA Conference. Go to to see what other libraries are doing to “elevate” their libraries.


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