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October is National Medical Librarian Month

Medical librarians work tirelessly to support healthcare providers, researchers, and patients for evidence-based medical knowledge. The month of October is recognized as National Medical Librarian Month (NMLM) to celebrate and highlight these dedicated professionals and their achievements.

NMLM 2023 Theme

Behind the scenes of healthcare and hospitals are a group of unsung heroes who play a pivotal role in facilitating research and quality health information – you, medical librarians and health information professionals. Ask your library users if they need help with

  • Expert searching
  • Information management
  • Instruction & training

And let them know to reach out because as this year’s theme says it loud and clear –

Yes, we do that!

Here’s How You Can Celebrate

Here are several resources you can use to raise awareness of the work you do. Visit the official NMLM page for more information.

  • Print and display this year’s posters in your institution where clinicians, students, nurses, administrators and patients in your institution can see it - please contact Hannah Jeon, Marketing Manager, if you require a specific size.
  • Share your Impact Stories and simply have conversations with your library users on, 'what does a medical librarian do?'
  • Add an official banner to your email signature and link to the official NMLM page
  • Follow the official MLA accounts for more resources in the coming weeks over social media
  • Tag the official MLA accounts and use the official hashtags #medlibs and #NMLM for a chance to get a reaction and reshared
  • Like, comment, and share NMLM posts whether they are from HQ or your peers to help spread the awareness of why more healthcare professionals should work with their medical librarians and health information professionals
  • Share kudos for your colleagues and share your latest accomplishments with a quick tweet or submit an MLAConnect article. Don’t forget to review How to Submit an MLAConnect Article for help with the submission process.

If you have any questions, please contact Tomi Gunn, Senior Manager, Community Engagement

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