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Official Meeting Blogger: Take Search, Screening, and Analysis to the Next Level

Looking to innovate your systematic review process? Check out these resources from MLA’19 posters and lightning talks:

  • Rayyan is a free citation screening tool. The Galter Health Sciences Library & Learning Center, Northwestern University, team used Rayyan as part of a larger project, the “Development and validation of a search filter in PubMed MEDLINE for Immigrant Health Disparities”.
  • Equally loved and hated, Excel is a great tool for searches and reviews. The poster “Using Excel Formulas for Systematic Review Searches” presents ways to use concatenate and textjoin to build long search strings. Check out the University of Illinois Chicago LibGuide for systematic reviews for a tutorial and downloadable Excel template.
  • Bethany S. McGowan, Purdue University, is taking her own advice. Using free and open text mining tools, McGowan builds transparency into her search design process. Voyant is a web-based tool suitable for those with no coding experience. Have a command of the command line? R tm, an R text mining package, offers additional functionalities.
  • Edwin Sperr, AU/UGA Medical Partnership, in his lightning talk “"Sieving" Your Search: Semi-Automated Citation Screening for Search Strategy Refinement”, describes an application to streamline query development. Quickly create a validation set using the PubMed Search Tester.

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