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Little Changes with Big Impact

By the way, we migrated MLA headquarters email to Google Apps in April, as part of MLA’s Goal 4, “rationalize and transform MLA information and communication systems.”

We now enjoy the benefits of an integrated solution that enhances staff collaboration and efficiency through the use of the latest cloud-based tools (email, shared calendars, messaging, shared files and documents, and lots more), and improves secure access to resources MLA staff need when working remotely because of travel or because of heavy snow (the weather is just fine now, but in Chicago, you have to be realistic!).

Improved collaboration is only part of the story: we continue to reduce the number of disparate systems supporting MLA operations and programs. And yes, Google Apps is free to MLA, because we are a 501c(3) nonprofit corporation.

Not a highly strategic achievement, but a win nonetheless for better utilization of MLA resources (MLA staff love it!).

You may also have noticed a change in staff email addresses: all emails are now based on staff names ( instead of Easier to remember, and a little more personal, too!

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