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EFTS Is Here to Stay

Poem posted to MEDLIB-L on November 22, 2019, by Fred King, AHIP

Subject: Re: We need 75% of current EFTS users to keep the system going. . .

“And if you don't like this one, *you* try writing five stanzas in iambic tetrameter with only one rhyme. Happy Friday, everybody!” - Fred

’Twas in the merry month of May
UCHC came out to say
To DOCLINE libraries’ great dismay
EFTS would go away.

How would we now invoices pay
For articles from far away?
Now write out checks most every day
EFTS has gone away?

Three quarters of a thousand pay
To write new software, that's the way
A smallish sum else they might say
EFTS will go away.

Come on libraries, don’t delay!
Pledge now! Don’t wait another day.
Eventually we all can say
EFTS won’t go away.

Sufficient funds will save the day
That really is the only way
That we can shout hip hip hooray!
EFTS is here to stay!

Fred King, AHIP
Medical Librarian, MedStar Washington Hospital Center

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