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Call for Posters and Lightning Talks for MLA | SLA '23!

Posters and Lightning Talks are great ways to share information about research or programs. And now that submitters have received feedback from Round 1 of submissions, it’s a good opportunity to take a moment and consider revising your abstract and submitting for a Poster or Lightning Talk.

The 2023 National Program Committee invites abstract submissions that support the annual meeting theme “Looking back, forging ahead.” The MLA|SLA ’23 submission site for Poster and Lightning Talks is now open and will remain open until January 26, 2023.

More information about Round 2 submissions:

  • Lightning Talks
    • Lighting Talks are limited to five minutes.
    • New for 2023, Lightning Talk presenters will participate in live-streamed virtual sessions (not at the in-person meeting). Presenters will have the opportunity to take and answer questions during and after the virtual session.
    • Presenters are also asked to make a recording of their Lightning Talk for on-demand access. 
  • Posters 
    • Posters are highly visual presentations. 
    • Same as in 2022, accepted poster presenters can either decide to be virtual/on-demand or in person.
      • Presenters choosing the virtual/on-demand option will record their presentation for on-demand access.
      • In-person Poster presenters will be asked to participate in a poster session at the in-person conference where they can answer questions. They will also be asked to record their presentation for on-demand access.

Posters and Lightning Talks can be submitted as a program description, research abstract or Special Library Abstracts. Special Library Abstracts address library science, information management, or other issues related to the administration of special libraries and/or the provision of their services.

Submissions require a structured abstract. More information about structured abstracts can be found at The Structured Abstract: An Essential Tool for Researchers.

If you have submitted a Paper proposal that was not accepted, consider updating the abstract and submitting the topic for consideration as a Poster or a five-minute Lightning Talk.

Round 2 submissions are due January 26, 2023, at 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time.  Please enter your submission early to avoid a last-minute rush and allow time for any assistance. 

Find more information on the submission process at MLA|SLA ’23 FAQ: Papers, Posters, Lightning Talks, and Immersion Sessions. Questions? Contact Debra Cavanaugh, director, Professional Development.


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