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Be A Living Library Book

Why be a book? 

As individuals, we have diverse life experiences that can lead to understanding and greater connections through the sharing of those stories. Just as a physical book can broaden horizons and encourage dialogue, telling our stories can have a positive impact. Do you have a story to tell? Would you like an opportunity to dispel some of the stereotypes by talking about your lived experiences in a safe space? Sign up to be a living book and get the conversation started!

What can a book expect from a Living Library experience? 

  • Books can participate in virtual MLA Living Library events or onsite at MLA conferences or both.
  • Books are expected to talk about their unique experiences and how it adds to the breadth of their library. For example, a book might discuss their experience of being transgender and how that effects their daily life. 
  • Books will share their experience based on their comfort level regarding the subject matter of their book.
  • The conversation format will be Q&A style:
    • The living book will begin the loan with a five-minute introduction to their topic with a quick overview of their insights and experiences. 
    • Readers will be allowed to ask questions for the information they would like to know more about. This is meant to be an interactive experience and not a presentation or lecture. Readers will have a set of starter questions provided by the book to get the conversation started. 
  • Books can identify with and discuss multiple experiences and can have more than one title available to readers. The reader can choose which title they wish to check out from the book.

So, do you want to be a book? Contact MLA DEI Committee Chair-designate Kelsa Bartley,

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