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Academy of Health Information Professionals [AHIP]

Welcome to MLA's peer-reviewed professional development and career recognition program! Academy membership reflects the investment of time and effort required for exemplary professional performance. Whether you are new to the profession or are an experienced health sciences librarian, academy membership will help you track your career goals and professional development activities.

Use the links below to begin your academy journey: find out whether you are eligible to join, review the application process, discover how to obtain AHIP points, and apply online! Questions? Contact Tomi Gunn, 312.419.9094 x11.

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Find out which of your colleagues are current Academy members.

About the Academy

  • Am I Eligible?
    Find out if you qualify. Admission is based on academic preparation, professional work experience, and individual professional accomplishments.
  • Why Should I Apply?
    Get recognition, easily track your professional growth, and advance your career with proven knowledge.
  • Academy Membership Levels
    See which of the five Academy levels is right for you.