2023 Research Related Grants and Fellowships Recipients

MLA supports members by offering a variety of funding opportunities which support practicing health sciences librarians to pursue research in the field of health sciences librarianship and information sciences. Congratulations to the 2023 recipients!


The David A. Kronick and Charles W. Sargent Visiting Fellowship was established in 2001. It the expenses involved in visiting, virtually or in-person, health sciences libraries or knowledge centers for the purpose of studying a specific aspect of health information management.

Harold S. Bright, IV, AHIP is the 2023 recipient and plans to visit and interview key stakeholders to understand the issues that “printless” academic spaces have experienced over the last decade and apply them to a Health Sciences environment. Harold hopes to publish an article in a medical library journal and share a list of recommendations for new library spaces.


The Donald A.B. Lindberg Research Fellowship funds research linking the information services provided by librarians to improved health care and is awarded to a qualified health professional, researcher, educator, administrator, or librarian.

The 2023 Fellowship is awarded to Jacqueline Gunther. The purpose of Gunther’s research project is to expand the research knowledge base by providing informational services to researchers through the library resources, which will ultimately improve upon the research impact of the institution’s community leading to advances in biomedical research.


The MLA Research, Development, and Demonstration Project Grant supports projects that will promote excellence in the field of health sciences librarianship and information sciences.

Lisa M. Acuff’s consumer health education project aims to contribute to the analysis and promotion of evidence-based usage of empowering language in online patient education materials for those with Type 1 diabetes. Her project is important to the profession because it shows how librarianship can aid in enhancing consumer health information literacy training for patients.


The Garfield Research Fellowship stimulates research into the history of information sciences to increase the underlying knowledgebase and enhance the current and future practice of the information professions, particularly health sciences librarianship and health informatics.

This year’s fellowship is given to Emily B. Kean, AHIP. The purpose of her study is to test the inter-rater reliability and construct validity of the IRMAT, Integrative Review Methodology Appraisal Tool, an appraisal tool that assesses reported methodological elements of integrative reviews in the nursing literature.

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