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David A. Kronick and Charles W. Sargent Visiting Fellowship

In 2001 the fellowship was endowed by the Bowden-Massey Foundation (supported by MLA member Virginia Bowden, PhD, AHIP, FMLA) and initially named in honor of David A. Kronick PhD, AHIP, FMLA. The fellowship was updated in 2022 to also honor Charles W. Sargent, PhD, AHIP, FMLA. The purpose of the fellowship is to study a specific aspect of health sciences librarianship, such as educational initiatives, scientific publishing, library management, and information science in order to learn from others, improve practices, and share what is learned. One fellowship is awarded each year to supplement expenses involved in visiting (in-person and/or virtually) two or more health sciences libraries or knowledge centers in North America.


  • The applicant must
    • hold a graduate degree in library science.
    • be a practicing health sciences librarian with at least one year of professional experience.
    • be a member of the Medical Library Association. 
    • be a citizen of or have permanent residence status in either the United States or Canada.


  • The application should show how the proposed project will contribute conceptually and practically to the applicant's competence and library or information management-related practices.
  • The applicant’s proposal should contain the title, goals, objectives, methodology, significance, and budget of the project and proposed means of disseminating the results.
  • The following criteria will be used to evaluate the applicant’s potential to conduct the proposed study: education, training, and activities/experience
  • The following criteria will be used to evaluate the proposed projects: relevance to the applicant’s professional development, originality, and feasibility of scope.
  • Funding may be used for reasonable and actual expenses that meet MLA guidelines associated with:
    • physical travel within North America (e.g., mileage, travel fares, lodging)
    • direct costs related to the project, such as off-site access to library digital collections (e.g., scans of library resources or interlibrary loans.), teleconferencing fees, virtual polling software
    • costs to enable the awardee to engage with the visiting locations (may allow for compensation for reasonable expenses, e.g., family caregiving.) 
  • The amount and number of fellowships will be determined annually based on the funding of the endowment. The period of disbursement will not exceed 1 year past the date of MLA’s annual conference.
  • Grantees are expected to submit a final report of their project within two months of completion of the project to the MLA headquarters with the following funding statement:
    • “This project has been funded by the Medical Library Association’s David A. Kronick and Charles W. Sargent Visiting Fellowship Grant.”
    • MLA has the “first right of review” for publication. If the report is not accepted by MLA and is subsequently published by another publisher, recognition of association support must be given.
  • Late and incomplete applications will not be considered.


  • The online application must be completed, and all supporting documents uploaded by the posted deadline November 15.
  • A current CV or resume, including a list of disseminated works (e.g., scholarly and newsletter articles, blogs, conference presentations, grey literature, etc.).
  • One letter of support from the applicant's director or supervisor.
  • Updated MLA member profile (optional)

Additional Information 

  • The amount and number of grants will be determined annually based on the funding of the endowment; the period of disbursement will not exceed one year past the date of MLA’s annual conference.
    • One grant of $1,000 will be offered and paid in a single payment.
  • Depending on the qualifications of the candidates, the jury may recommend that the award not be presented in a given year.
  • MLA will acknowledge applications upon receipt via email.

Ready to Submit an Application?

  • Applications will open next in August 2023.

Previous Fellowship Recipients

  • 2023: Harold S. Bright, IV, AHIP
  • 2022: none awarded
  • 2021: none awarded
  • 2020: Mark MacEachern
  • 2019: none awarded
  • 2018: Erica Lake, AHIP
  • 2017: Catherine Pepper
  • 2016: Len Levin, AHIP
  • 2015: Emily Mazure
  • 2014: Julie H. Schiavo
  • 2013: Denise Hersey
  • 2012: none awarded
  • 2011: Linda C. Butson
  • 2010: Keith Cogdill
  • 2009: Mary Piorun
  • 2008: Kathryn Kerdolff
  • 2007: Michele Tennant
  • 2006: Robin Devin
  • 2005: Kris Alpi
  • 2004: Ellen Crumley
  • 2003: Michael Kronenfeld
  • 2002: Patricia A. Nelson

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