MEDLIB-ED Frequently Asked Questions


Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about MEDLIB-ED.

I’m new to MEDLIB-ED. What is it? What can I do here?

MEDLIB-ED is a learning portal that lists all MLA-approved courses, resources and third-party course offerings of interest to health information professionals. MEDLIB-ED is owned and managed by the Medical Library Association (MLA).

In general, you can:

How can I find courses that interest me?

Visit Medlib-ed or “Catalogs” on the blue toolbar under the MEDLIB-ED logo.

Within each catalog, narrow your search by selecting a “Category,” and filtering by Course Owner, Format, Competencies, Topics, etc or by entering keywords into the search bar.

How do I use MLA CE credits?

Examples of how you can use MLA CE credits and course credit certificates include:

Why do I need an account on MLANET?

MLANET is a more robust system that can better manage your primary information, communication preferences, and privacy. Your login, and the connection to MEDLIB-ED, ensures you can:

  • take a course or make a purchase seamlessly;
  • get learning certificates (with your name on them); and
  • get a personalized transcript that you can review and use to track your learning;
  • tell us if you do or don’t want email about new education offerings.

How can I print or download a transcript of all the courses I have taken?

To create a printable (PDF) transcript: select the “Transcript” tab. Select “Print” to create a PDF you can view and save or download and print.

Can I use the MEDLIB-ED transcript for my Academy of Health Information Professionals application or renewal?

MLA will ONLY accept a MEDLIB-ED transcript of “Credits Earned” for an Academy application or renewal. In this case, the transcript is adequate evidence, and no additional certificate or evidence is required. Do not submit other information (e.g., “completions” you have entered yourself) on the transcript.