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Celebrate National Medical Librarians Month | October 2023

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Medical librarians work tirelessly to support healthcare providers, researchers, and patients for evidence-based medical knowledge. Need help with

  • Expert Searching?
  • Information Management?
  • Instruction & Training?

Reach out to your medical librarian and health information professionals because as this year’s theme says it loud and clear –

Yes, we do that!

How to Celebrate

Print and Share Official Posters

This year, we have two posters! Click below to download each one.

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Share Your Impact Story!

Share Your Impact Story
You know that medical librarians and health information professionals provide essential partnerships in healthcare excellence. We know it too. Help us spread the word and recognize the value and positive impact of having a medical library. Share your impact stories. Inspire each other. You can submit more than one story. These will be reviewed by the MLA Connect editorial team and we will reach out to you with questions. Complete this form and share your story with your peers!

Share Your Story

Add a Banner to Your Email Signature

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Take Your Professional Development to the Next Level

MLA offers professional and career development opportunities and resources for practicing medical librarians, recent graduates, nurses, and other health information professionals. Check out the full library of instructor-led courses, live webinars, and self-paced courses on MEDLIB-ED to help you earn Continuing Education (CE) credit to showcase your value.

Join us for a free live webinar on October 18, 2023 from 1:00-2:30 p.m., central time on Piecing Together The Steps of a Systematic Review to the MLA Systematic Review Services Specialization.

This free webinar hosted by Margaret Foster and Sarah Jewell, leading experts on systematic reviews and the editors of Piecing Together Systematic Reviews and Other Evidence Syntheses, celebrates the MLA Systematic Review Services Specialization (SRSS). Margaret and Sarah will guide you through the (SRSS). You’ll see how the competencies of the SRSS fit together and where their book chapters complement the specialization. Their “PIECCESS” framework will be covered, providing you with a model of the iterative processes and phases of review projects.

This webinar also celebrates the launch of the Level II Systematic Review Services Specialization (SRSS), the SRSS Level II Pathways, and the second offering of the Level I Pathways. The Pathways offer a discount on all the courses and more that you need to earn a Level I or II certificate.

All participants will also receive a code entitling them to a 30% discount on Margaret & Sarah’s edited volume of Piecing Together Systematic Reviews and Other Evidence Syntheses.

Register Now

Look Back on Past Resources

In honor of MLA's 125th anniversary, we're excited to highlight past NMLM resources! These were introduced in 2021, but the studies cited remain relevant, and we encourage you to continue using them. You can use infographics in several different ways:

  • Print it out and post it where your colleagues will see it
  • Email it to your colleagues with a message outlining the service you provide
  • Post it to social media. Note: MLA is also posting on social media about this infographic; be sure to like and share these posts on your own social media accounts to help raise awareness.

 Make Better Decisions With a Medical Librarian (1) (111KB PDF)

 Make Better Decisions With a Medical Librarian (2) (45KB PDF)

 Make Better Decisions With a Medical Librarian (3) (133KB PDF)

Find other resources from past National Medical Librarian Months.

Past NMLM Resources