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EFTS: the online billing system for interlibrary loan (ILL)

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EFTS Announcements

EFTS Unbilled Transactions Announcement

EFTS Custom Pricing Groups Now Launched

EFTS Successes and Growing Pains

Significant Changes to EFTS and DOCLINE after June 30, 2020

EFTS Update: February 27, 2020

Transition Timeline

Below is the timeline for the lauch of EFTS Powered by MLA, and the transition from the current EFTS operated by UCHC.

MLA, UCHC and NLM want to make sure we get this right. The timeline is subject to change.

Key Dates


Transition Actions

June 15

MLA EFTS Go-Live 1: Users who signed up with MLA EFTS start their configuration on the new platform (previously, June 1)

June 30

All existing EFTS libraries must act on or before this date to access DOCLINE request billing data, regardless of future EFTS participation.  Capture requests for libraries that will no longer participate in EFTS, or before the EFTS Report menu option is hidden from your view due to changed participation status.

June 30

Last transaction day for ALL users of current EFTS; transactions need to be processed by July 9 on UCHC EFTS (previously, May 31)

July 1

DOCLINE resets all EFTS Participant Indicators to reflect participation in the MLA EFTS platform (previously, June 1)

July 24

Last day for libraries to settle any negative balances on UCHC EFTS (previously, June 25)

July 30

UCHC transfers library participant funds to MLA (for libraries who have requested it in the MLA User Agreement); MLA posts those amounts onto the MLA EFTS library accounts (previously, June 30)

Aug 3

MLA EFTS Go-Live 2: Users who are signed up with MLA EFTS can upload interlibrary loan (ILL) transactions, which includes July transactions (previously, July 15)

Detailed Timeline



By June 30

MLA Administrative steps:

  • Library signs MLA EFTS User Agreement
  • MLA collects $275 Activation Fee from library’s EFTS account at UCHC (only applies to libraries who have specified this payment option)
  • MLA and library verify library EFTS Manager information
  • EFTS Manager creates free MLANET account (if doesn’t have one already)
  • MLA and NLM verify DOCLINE LibID
  • MLA and UCHC verify current EFTS membership


  • User Agreements signed after June 30 will no longer have the option to charge the $275 activation fee to their UCHC EFTS, nor transfer their UCHC EFTS balance to MLA EFTS.

By July 15

MLA EFTS First Go-Live 1 - account set-up starts June 15 (previously June 1)

  • Library logs into new MLA EFTS
  • Library completes library profile
  • Library enters ILL pricing tables (one for each library group - aka consortium)
  • Library enters billing information and contact. 

Above actions trigger the following:

  • set up for library billing contact
  • Library billing contact configures preferences (for paying money into EFTS and taking money out of EFTS)
  • MLA charges $275 Activation Fee for libraries who selected NOT to charge their current EFTS account

June 30

UCHC - Last ILL transaction day for UCHC EFTS processing (ALL USERS)

DOCLINE - Last day to download transaction files

  • Only libraries signed up with MLA EFTS will be able to download transaction files after June 30.
  • Libraries who were signed up with UCHC EFTS and are not signed up with MLA EFTS will be removed from the download transaction files after June 30.

July 1

DOCLINE - update of EFTS participant indicator on DOCLINE to match MLA EFTS membership

  • Only libraries signed up with MLA EFTS will be included in DOCLINE matching tables for those requests that include EFTS participation as criteria

July 9

Last day to upload ILL transactions (through June 30) on UCHC EFTS (ALL USERS)

  • Only libraries signed up with MLA EFTS will be able to process ILL transactions starting with July 1 transaction date
  • UCHC EFTS platform remains online to view balances, add funds or request disbursements

July 24

Last day for UCHC EFTS users to settle UCHC negative balances

  • MLA will not activate EFTS accounts of libraries with a negative UCHC balance

July 30

EFTS Balance Transfer

  • UCHC transfers EFTS balances to MLA (for libraries who have requested it)
  • MLA posts EFTS balances on MLA EFTS
  • Users check their balances

Aug 3

MLA EFTS First Go-Live 2 - full operation

  • Unprocessed transactions are processed on MLA EFTS
  • Transactions going forward are processed on MLA EFTS

Stating August 3

UCHC closes all UCHC EFTS accounts

  • Collection of remaining negative balances
  • Payment of positive balances