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MLA Disaster Information Specialization

Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to support your institution and community in times of disaster or public health emergencies. MLA contact hours earned through the Disaster Information Specialization Program may also be used for MLA's Academy of Health Information Professionals.

Eligible participants include:

  • Librarians, library staff, informationists, and information professionals working in any type of library
  • Disaster workers, including health professionals, allied health professionals, public health workers, first responders, emergency managers, community volunteers, and others that play a role in health-related disaster preparedness, response, and recovery.

Levels and Requirements

  • The basic level requires completion of 5 courses. See the NLM Disaster Information Model Curriculum for details.
  • The advanced level requires completion of 27 contact hours (basic level and an additional 12 hours at the advanced level) as outlined in the NLM Disaster Information Model Curriculum.
  • Participants have 3 years to gather the contact hours needed to apply.
  • Renewal requires an additional 8 hours every 3 years.

How to Apply

  • Complete required courses or number of contact hours.
  • Complete the application and attach certificates or other proof of completion for each activity.
  • Fill out an Individual Participant Request (IPR) form for credit, if educational activity is not from the NLM Curriculum.
  • Send in the completed application, course documentation, and application fee to MLA.
  • MLA will process the application and, on approval, send a document recognizing your achievement.

If you have any questions about the Disaster Information Specialization program, please contact Debra Cavanaugh, 312.419.9094 x32.

This project is funded by the National Library of Medicine under contract HHS-N-276-2010-00782-P.