The Independent Reading Program (IRP): Article Analysis

Earn MLA CE by reading professional journal articles and books. To participate, just read an article or book and submit an analysis application.

You can read preselected JMLA articles (articles are marked with the IRP icon in the JMLA) or self-selected professional journal articles and books that fall within one or more of MLA-defined core competencies for professional success. Receive 1 MLA CE contact hour for every article completed and 5 MLA CE contact hours for every book read.

A maximum of 5 contact hours of IRP credit per year can be applied towards your AHIP application or renewal, for a total of no more than 15 contact hours per a five-year credentialing period. For more information on AHIP, visit Academy of Health Information Professionals.

Participate and Earn CE Contact Hours

  • Read a preselected article from the JMLA or a self-selected professional journal article or book.
  • Pay the application fee (Members: $15; nonmembers $20).
  • Complete the analysis application as directed.
  • Claim credit and download your certificate for participating.

For more information, contact MLA Education

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Course Includes

  • 2 Lessons
  • Course Certificate