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Vendor spotlight: Primal Pictures. Coolest Exhibit Award.

As your blog correspondent for the exhibit halls I spent a significant amount of time visiting exhibitor booths, speaking with the staff and learning about their products and companies. Primal Pictures, which was situated towards the back of the exhibit hall, provided a really visually-stimulating display with 3D anatomy displays and videos. I spoke with Diane Harnish, Vice President of Education Sales at Primal Pictures, about what the product offers, as I was admittedly completely unfamiliar with the product. I'm sold! Except that it's not actually a resource that I could use in my particular working environment. But I encourage all attendees to visit them in booth 334.

For remote attendees, I'm sorry to say that nothing compares with what it's like to wear 3D glasses and watch a video demonstration involving human anatomy popping out at you. Try that after a glass of wine! In all seriousness, it's a really interesting, respected product if your institution has any need for anatomy resources. Though there are the traditional big vendor booths like Wolters Kluwer, Elsevier (who had a fantastic interactive survey wall), EBSCO, and McGraw-Hill, some of the smaller exhibitors have inventive, engaging booths. Primal Pictures definitely falls into that category and wins the coolest exhibit award. Elsevier deserves an honorable mention for the interactive display wall showing live survey results from the survey they gave out to booth visitors.


Photo 1: Primal Pictures offers 3D anatomy resources. Visit booth 334 and wear 3D glasses for an exhilirating view of human anatomy.


Photo 2: Interactive display of survey results in the Elsevier Booth.


Photo 3: Visitors to the Elsevier booth were invited to take a survey on a tablet.

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