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EFTS Unbilled Transactions Announcement

This is an update regarding the processing of unbilled transactions for EFTS lending libraries.

Unbilled transactions are transactions imported from DOCLINE that a lending library has not approved for billing.

Starting June 29, 2021, any unbilled transaction 180 days or older will be set to a $0 price and system approved. As a result, those transactions will appear in the "paid" tab for both the lender and borrower, at a $0 price. This batch will run daily.


  • Many of those transactions are $0, or should be $0, and the lending library has not billed them. Often that is the result of the lending library importing billing via an EFTS file (e.g., ILLiad), which does not include $0 transactions.
  • EFTS does not believe it should be billing any transaction that is older than 180 days. A lending library may still bill those, either manually via an "Other" transaction, or outside of the EFTS system.

Immediate Action Items:

  • Borrowing library: no action required
  • Lending library: make sure you bill any non-$0 transaction prior to Dec 31, 2020, and, going forward, about to be 180 days old
  • Lending library: no action required for any transaction you are OK with being system billed at $0 (that is 180 days or older)

Please contact Stacy at for support on EFTS.

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