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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Content at MLA '22

The upcoming MLA ‘22 conference has a large range of content related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. Look for the DEI icons in the Online Annual Meeting Planner!  

Immersion Sessions

  • Hardback Life: Reading a Short Story To Develop Your Cultural Humility Skills (Professionalism & Leadership, Education)
  • Let’s Get Critical: Understanding and Applying Critical Theory in Library Practice (Education, Health Equity & Global Health area of practice)
  • Reflect on Accessible Content and Universal Design: An Introductory Immersion Session (Education area of practice)
  • Reflect To Renew: Improving the Accessibility of Your Library’s Public Spaces (Professionalism & Leadership)
  • Mentor-Mentee Relationships: Building Collaborative Partnerships for Career Success (Professionalism & Leadership)

Program Description Papers

  • Elevating the Voices and Experiences of LGBTQ+ Health Providers in Medical Education (Education, Professionalism & Leadership)
  • Race Card Wall Project: Reflecting on the Role of Race in Medical Education (Education, Professionalism & Leadership)
  • Supporting First-Generation Graduate Students in an Academic Health Sciences Library Setting (Education, Information Services)
  • With Our Powers Combined, We Are Captain Digital Accessibility! (Education)
  • A Library Guide for Anti-Racist Research (Information Services, Education)

Research Papers

  • Academic Health Sciences Libraries' Outreach and Engagement with Native American Communities: A Scoping Review (Information Services, Health Equity & Global Health)
  • Establishing Metrics to Evaluate Diversity in PubMed Central
  • Evaluating the Influence of Information Literacy Instruction on Health Information-Seeking Behavior in African American Communities: Preliminary Results of a Qualitative Evidence Synthesis (Information Services, Innovation & Research Practice)
  • Exploring Perceptions on DEI Workplace Training Through a Self-Assessment Survey (Professionalism & Leadership)

Lightning Talks

  • Developing DRIVE: Creating a Tool to Evaluate and Address Bias in the Learning Landscape
  • Flipping Z Switch: Adapting Educational Practices for the New Generation
  • Inclusive and Gender-Neutral Consumer Health Information at a Hospital Library
  • Listening, Learning, and Participating in Disability Visibility
  • Reflecting on Student Engagement and Renewing Efforts to Diversify LIS Student Pipeline
  • Skeleton Crew: Equitable In-Person Staffing During a Deadly Pandemic


  • A Small, Brief Review of LGBTQ+ Competency Workshops (On Demand)
  • Addressing and Assessing Health Disparities Research Support at NIH (On Demand)
  • Creating an Accessible Study Space (On Demand)
  • Representing Transgender People in Medical Subject Headings (On Demand)
  • Systematic Searching for Disabilities: How Are Researchers Approaching This Challenge? (On Demand)
  • Who Gets In? Diversity and Inclusion in American Health Sciences Librarianship (On Demand)


  • Beyond the Books: Depression Awareness in LIS Students (RTI Virtual Session 1)
  • How Do Consumer Health Websites Talk about Autism? (RTI Virtual Session 1)
  • Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) in Libraries (RTI Virtual Session 1)
  • Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research: A Case Study of First-Generation Immigrant Interviews (RTI Virtual Session 1)
  • Sustainable and Equitable Professional Development Opportunities for Health Sciences and Medical Librarians (RTI Virtual Session 1)


  • Connecting with Your Team by Designing Meetings to Be Inclusive for Those with Disabilities (Poster Session 1)
  • Developing a US Population Hispanic/Latinx Search Hedge (Poster Session 1)
  • Health Care Literacy and Health Disparities. It Just Got Graphic! (Poster Session 1)
  • Health Equity Begins in the Classroom: Including Cultural Competence and Cultural Humility into Dental Education Curriculum with Librarian-Led Instruction (Poster Session 1)
  • Hispanic/Latinx Inclusive Terminologies Project: Recommendations to Improve and Expand Medical Subject Headings (Poster Session 1)
  • Leading Diverse Students to Discovery of Opportunities for Participation, Research, Mentoring, and Community Engagement for Underrepresented Populations in Biomedical Research (Poster Session 1)


  • Examining the Role of the Health Science Librarian in Supporting LGBTQ+ Information Literacy among Health Science Students, Residents, Fellows, or Faculty (RTI Poster Session)
  • Stigmatized Mental Health Content on TikTok: A Qualitative Content Analysis  (RTI Poster Session)


  • LGBTQ+ Health Research Guides: A Cross-Institutional Pilot Study of Usage Patterns (Poster Session 2)
  • Mapping Pregnancy Resources Available Online to LGBTQIA+ Health Consumers (Poster Session 2)
  • Sustainable Menstrual Equity for $5: Low-Cost Menstrual Cup Distribution Among a University Community (Poster Session 2)
  • The Justice Community Opioid Innovation Network (JCOIN) LEAP Program Librarian: Providing Library Support for Criminal Justice Health Research (Poster Session 2)


  • Addressing Maternal Health Disparities with Hospital Library Services: Information-Seeking Behavior of Maternal Health Care Providers in Resolving Clinical Questions Related to Diverse Populations (RTI Virtual Session 2)
  • Exploring Social Justice Concepts in Health Professions Curricular Competencies (RTI Virtual Session 2)
  • Hmong American's Information Seeking-Behaviors and Information Use During COVID-19 Pandemic (RTI Virtual Session 2)
  • The Impact of Critical Library Instruction in Health Science Center Libraries' Workshops (RTI Virtual Session 2)
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