MLA Accessibility and Disability Caucus Statement

The Accessibility and Disability Caucus of MLA condemns the racist and violent actions of police in the murder of so many Black and Brown bodies, including Black and Brown disabled bodies. We stand in solidarity with the African American Medical Librarians Alliance (AAMLA) Caucus in regard to the current state of civil unrest and racist actions occurring in the United States and voice our support of AAMLA members and their June 1, 2020, statement.

Disability is more often than not an intersectional identity, one that is hidden and marginalized even among the marginalized. As a caucus, we support AAMLA and all of our colleagues who have experienced oppression and violence because of who they are. We support the Black Lives Matter movement and the dismantling of institutionalized racism and state-sanctioned violence.

JJ Pionke, Chair