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Professional Development

MLA Webinar & Webcast Site Licenses

Institutions and organizations can purchase a site license to present a live and/or recorded MLA webinar or webcast to multiple employees and guests.

Site licenses allow your organization to:

  • Show a live webinar and a recording of the webinar for 180 days (6 months) after the live event to an unlimited number of viewers;
  • Show a recorded webinar to groups from your location any time during the 180 days to an unlimited number of viewers;
  • Provide access codes to attendees that enable them to view a live webinar and a recording of the webinar for 180 days AND claim MLA CE credit.

There are two options for site licenses:

  1. A site license that includes codes for 5 people to claim MLA CE credit;
  2. A site license that includes codes for 25 people to claim MLA CE credit.

Both licenses provide the option to purchase additional access codes at a much lower cost than an individual webinar purchase.


  • Institutional members:
    • $245 for a 5 CE code license
    • $325 for a 25 CE code license
    • $20 for each additional CE code
  • MLA individual members and non-MLA members:
    • $325 for a 5 CE code license
    • $425 for a 25 CE code license
    • $25 for each additional CE code

Requirements & Recommendations 

1. Each code provides access to a live webinar and its recording AND access to MEDLIB-ED to claim credit. This allows you to show the live and recorded webinar at multiple locations. Each location must be part of the organization purchasing a license. 

2. You can upgrade from a 5 code to a 25 code license at any time from date of purchase to 180 days after the live webinar.

3. You can purchase additional CE codes at any time from date of purchase to 180 days after the live webinar.

4. A 5 code site license with 4 additional codes equals the cost of a 25 code license. This means that if you want more than 9 people to be able to claim credit, the 25 code license is a more economical choice.

5. See here to learn about the advantages of institutional membership for your organization.

How to Purchase a Site License

  • Purchase site licenses for live and recorded MLA webinars by selecting a purchase button below.
  • The webinar(s) will be added to your MLANET shopping cart; choose the "View Cart" button to see your cart.
  • If you wish to purchase additional access codes when you purchase a site license or within 180 days of the live webinar, use the special URL in your cart.
  • Copy and paste the URL into your browser, add to cart, then update the quantity of that item to the number of extra certificates you need.

Webinars & Webcasts Available For Purchase

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Competency Area Live and Upcoming Webinars Purchase 5 CE code licenses (login required) Purchase 25 CE code licenses (login required)
Information Services What Is Genomic Medicine? [August 15, 2018]

Read more, then add to cart.

Read more, then add to cart.


Competency Area Recorded Webinars and Webcasts
(Courses are sorted alphabetically within each competency area)
Purchase CE code license (login required)
Information Services Are All Systematic Reviews Created Equal? [Recorded August 2016]
Information Services Beyond Systematic: The Librarian’s Role in Shaping Reviews [Recorded December 2016]
Information Services Developing and Managing a Systematic Review Service [Recorded April 2018]
Information Services Distinguishing the Questionable from the Trustworthy in Open Access Resources [Recorded October 2017]
Information Services Finding Grey Lit for Systematic Reviews: Can It Be More Black and White? [Recorded March 2017]
Information Services Helping Patients and Health Care Consumers Understand Precision Medicine [Recorded September 2017]
Information Services Librarians Collaborating to Produce Systematic Reviews [Recorded April 2014]
Information Services Matching Review Type to Research Question: Which Review Is Right for You? [Recorded February 2018]
Information Services Precision Medicine: What Is It and Why Should I Care? [Recorded December 2015]
Information Services Scoping Reviews: Mapping Your Course to Success [Recorded August 2017]
Information Services Selecting Systematic Review Software on a Shoestring [Recorded March 2018]
Information Services The Consumer Health Library: A Site for Service, Education, and Hope [Recorded April 2016]
Information Management Scanning the Horizon: Emerging Technology at Your Library and in the Classroom [Recorded November 2016]
Instruction & Instructional Design Cheap, Fast, and Good: Instructional Videos and Open Educational Resources [Recorded November 2017]
Instruction & Instructional Design Designing Online Instruction: It’s Not Just for Distance Education Anymore [Recorded October 2016]
Instruction & Instructional Design Don’t Flip Out! Exploring Team-Based Learning [Recorded November 2016]
Instruction & Instructional Design Setting Yourself Up for Success with Learning Assessment Recorded November 2016]
Instruction & Instructional Design What’s Theory Got to Do with It? Learning Theories, Instructional Design, and the Librarian [Recorded October 2016]
Leadership & Management Flexing Your Powerhouse Librarian Muscles: The Foundations of Effective Project Management [Recorded January 2017]
Leadership & Management How To Have Influence When You Don't Have Power or Authority [Recorded January 2015]
Leadership & Management Managing from the Middle: Balancing People, Projects, and Vision with Confidence [Recorded March 2016]
Leadership & Management Plan to Succeed: The Basics of Library Project Management [Recorded June 2018]
Leadership & Management What’s New with the Affordable Care Act and What You Need to Know About It [Recorded June 2016]
Evidence-Based Practice & Research 8 Tips for Using Metrics in Research Evaluation [Recorded November 2017]
Evidence-Based Practice & Research Demystifying R: An Introduction for Librarians [Recorded October 2016]
Evidence-Based Practice & Research The Diversity of Data Management: Practical Approaches [recorded April 2015]
Evidence-Based Practice & Research Getting Started with Research [Recorded September 2017]
Evidence-Based Practice & Research Getting Started with Statistics for Librarians [Recorded September 2016]
Evidence-Based Practice & Research Go Red! REDCap for Library Data Services and Data Collection [Recorded December 2017]
Evidence-Based Practice & Research Survey Success: 10 Essential Tips for Effective Survey Design [Recorded July 2017]
Evidence-Based Practice & Research Visualize Your Data: Tableau for Health Sciences Librarians [Recorded December 2017]
Evidence-Based Practice & Research Working Open: An Overview of Open Source Research Tools [Recorded November 2017]

  • Contact Debra Cavanaugh if you would like to purchase the 25 CE Code License for any recorded webinars.

MLA Webinars

Aligning the Three Pillars of Effective Instruction: Outcomes, Teaching, and Assessment for Health Sciences Librarians

What Is Genomic Medicine?