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MLA InSight Initiative

an open circle partnership to advance thinking on health information

Approved by the MLA Board of Directors in May 2017


The MLA InSight Initiative provides a forum for MLA leaders and select partner organizations to engage in high-level, high-value dialogue on issues of common interest that impact the health information profession.


Two in-person summits per year for 30 to 50 participants (equal representation of librarian leaders and corporate partner executives/staff) held in Chicago, featuring speakers and panelists with expertise on the thematic topics for each summit.

Potential Topics:

  • The quality and veracity of health information
  • Partnering to promote responsible research reporting
  • Health information literacy
  • Partnering to combat piracy and predatory publishing
  • Perpetual archiving

Anticipated Outcomes:

  • White papers, professional guidelines, written standards to help advance responsible health information publishing
  • Articles in the academic literature about discoveries from the summits; press releases; social media campaign
  • Action plans to invest in / co-create informational content
  • Development of educational programs for MLA members
  • Support from and interaction with key outside groups, e.g., NLM, AHSL, international library groups, etc.

Note: outcomes will be made public and reflect the diversity of perspectives rather than seek consensus, without identifying a specific individual or organization unless mutually agreed to.


  • 2-year commitment
    • $10,000 / year for corporations;
    • $5,000 / year for nonprofits and small businesses
    • Fees cover cost of summits and outcomes; net proceeds help to cover cost of MLA’s journal and advocacy programs.
    • Pre-summit and post-summit participation in program development and production of published work / courses that result from each summit
  • Benefits:
    • Listed as MLA InSight Initative partner organization
    • Access to all initiative-related resources
    • Full participation for one representative from active partners per summit; $1,200 fee for additional participants
    • Proceedings available to public at no cost

More Information? Contact Dan Doody, responsible for partner organization recruitment for the MLA InSight Initiative.; 312-239-6226

Task Force Members

Gerald J. Perry, AHIP
University of Arizona
Chair - MLA Past President
Michelle Kraft, AHIP
Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Member - MLA Past President
Barbara A. Epstein, AHIP, FMLA
University of Pittsburgh
Member - MLA President
Gabriel R. Rios
Indiana University
Kevin Baliozian
Medical Library Association
Member - MLA Executive Director
Beverly Murphy, AHIP, FMLA
Duke University Med.Cntr.
Board Liaison - President-Elect
Daniel J. Doody
Doody Enterprises, Inc.
Summit Organizer
Mary M. Langman, M.S.
Medical Library Association
Staff Liaison