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Professional Development

How to Get Your Course Approved for MLA CE

Want your course approved and listed in the MLA Educational Clearinghouse? Simply complete the instructor sign up to get started and read the instructions below prior to submitting your online application. The application should be completed and submitted by the instructor of the education activity. It should not be filled out by the sponsoring organization (e.g., MLA chapter, local consortium, etc.).

  1. Title: List exact activity title to be used for all activity references
  2. Primary contact: Provide name, title/position, MLA chapter/regional location, institutional affiliation, mailing address, phone, fax, and email address for the main instructor. Provide additional instructors names. Include a curriculum vita for each instructor.  See instructions for submitting.
  3. Course length: Specify the length of the course. MLA's national annual meeting CE courses are typically 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours in length.
  4. Course/CE activity description: Provide a brief summary of the major concepts and goals of this class or CE activity, linking to stated educational objectives; maximum 150 words. Include the overall goal, behavioral objectives or outcomes anticipated, specific content, and methods of the proposed CE activity.
  5. Target audience and level of instruction: Clearly define the audience to benefit from this activity, list prerequisites, if any, and indicate intended instructional level, i.e. basic, intermediate, or advanced level of instruction.
  6. Educational objectives: List measurable learning objectives in terms of what the participants will gain from the activity. Example: "Participants will use advanced search features for PubMed searches."
  7. Agenda with timeline: A full agenda and timetable is required for all submissions. The agenda should indicate the type of instructional format to be used for each portion of the agenda, noting when demonstrations, discussions, and other group activities will be used.
  8. Method of delivery: Specify the method of delivery, such as face to face, eLearning, hands-on computer lab, or webinar.
  9. Educational needs: CE activities should be designed to satisfy documented or perceived educational needs. Explain how these were determined, (e.g., survey, member requests, analysis of current trends, etc.).
  10. Instructional methods: List instructional methods to be used. They should be consistent with the course content and delivery system and should encourage active involvement by the course participants. Select methods from this listing or specify others: (e.g., Lecture, Demonstration, Discussion, Brainstorming, Slides, Hands-on Exercises, Case Study, etc.)
  11. Participant materials: Indicate the types of participant learning materials to be provided. Include a sample of each in the application. For MLA's national annual meeting course applications, draft materials may be provided if final versions are not available.
  12. Facility requirements: Indicate special facility requirements for the course or activity. Include AV and other classroom aids, computers, software, Internet access, and seating arrangements.
  13. Additional evaluation (optional): MLA provides a standard evaluation form to be used for each approved CE activity. MLA encourages research on the evaluation of learning, which utilizes follow-up survey methods, but their use is entirely voluntary.
  14. Fees: Determine which of the fees listed below is appropriate for your application, and submit payment with online application. Each application must be accompanied by fee payment unless the course is proposed for MLA's national annual meeting. Fees for courses being proposed for MLA's national annual meeting will be deducted from the instructor's honorarium if selected.
Type of applicant Fee
MLA member (online application) $125.00
Nonmember (online application) $175.00
Institutional groups (i.e. vendors, hospitals, universities) $450.00
NLM, Regional Medical Libraries, national professional library associations with MLA agreements $ 0.00
Late fee for applications received by MLA 6 weeks or less from the presentation date. $ 45.00

Want to Teach a Course At MLA's Annual Meeting?

Course ideas are solicited each fall in the MLA News, on MLA-FOCUS, and on MLANET. Please watch for these announcements and submit your course idea for the opportunity to teach at MLA.

Have questions? Please contact MLA's Professional Development Department.

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