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Vital Pathways for Hospital Librarians

Communicate with other leaders in your institution about the true value of librarians and library services.

Critical and Classic Research on Library Value

From saving hospitals thousands of dollars per year to saving patients’ lives, hospital librarians help fulfill many mission-critical roles in today’s hospital. These roles include

  • expert searchers (including clinical and research information),
  • educators and trainers,
  • community outreach providers,
  • educators and promoters of evidence-based practice,
  • disseminators of best medical and business practice information,
  • effective users of information technology,
  • webmasters,
  • patient safety information providers, and
  • supporters of innovation and research.

Myths and Truths About Library Services

Developed by the Colorado Council of Medical Librarians (CCML) Advocacy Committee and MLA. CCML members included: Margaret Bandy, AHIP, Jenny Garcia, AHIP, Stephanie Weldon, AHIP, and Karen K. Wells.

Magnet Designation Resources

Report a Change in Status of a US Medical Library [Submit Form]

The Medical Library Association wants to track and respond to major changes that are occurring in medical libraries. We ask librarians to report both positive and negative changes to their libraries. You may also request that MLA contact the institution'sl administrator about the change. The information that is reported will be kept confidential; individual librarians and institutions will not be identified and only aggregate data about changes in medical libraries will be reported by MLA.  

Summary of Hospital Library Status Submissions as of September 2013

Additional Resources

  • Journal of Healthcare Quality Interview with Maulik S. Joshi, DrPH
    Dr. Joshi addresses the definition of healthcare quality as set forth by the Institute of Medicine and focuses on the role of health care and research librarians in improving health care.
  • National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM), New England Region, Hospital Library Toolkits
    Online orientation and promotional toolkits; the promotional toolkit is designed to aid hospital librarians in promoting their services to hospital administrators and to the various communities within their organization.
  • MLA Health Information Literacy Project [Content being revised; coming soon]
    The Medical Library Association (MLA), through a $250,000 two-year contract from the National Library of Medicine (NLM),conducted research into hospital-based health care provider and administrators’ awareness and understanding of health information literacy and its value in support of patient care.
  • Brochure: The Hospital Librarian: Your Competitive Edge , developed by the Task Force on Vital Pathways for Hospital Librarians Steering Committee, 2008. Members include M. J. Tooey, AHIP, Chair; Jean P. Shipman, AHIP; Margaret M. Bandy, AHIP; Dixie A. Jones, AHIP; Joanne G. Marshall, AHIP, FMLA; Mary F. Protsman, AHIP; Katherine Stemmer-Frumento, AHIP; and Carla J. Funk, CAE
  • Bibliography on Roles of Health Sciences Librarians: 1987 - 2008 , developed by the Task Force on Vital Pathways for Hospital Librarians Medical Education Committee, 2008-09. Members include Diane G. Schwartz, AHIP, Chair; Paul M Blobaum, Linda Garr Markwell, AHIP, Laurie L. Thompson, AHIP, Jean P. Shipman, AHIP , board liaison; and Carla J. Funk, CAE.
  • Role of Health Sciences Librarians in Patient Safety, an MLA Position Statement
    MLA Position Statement that addresses why librarians must be involved in the patient safety initiatives of their organizations, with partnership opportunities and roles for librarians.
  • Vital Pathways: The Hospital Libraries Project-Final Report and Recommendations

More Information

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