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February 28, 2022

To Experience MLA,
this week I'll explore...



Find resources for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), and learn about MLA's ongoing work to strengthen DEI within MLA communities.

MLA '22

Avoid stigmatizing language in your presentations. A useful guide for presenters developed by MLA caucuses, groups, and members


Encourage your organization to sign on to MLA's Official Statement on how MLA supports hospital librarians.


Learn more about what the Academy of Health Information Professionals (AHIP) can do for you.


How to Continue to

Experience MLA Membership!

Your Community. Your Education. Your Advocacy.

During the month of February, you and your colleagues hosted and attended more than 40 different events, welcoming both members and non-members to Experience MLA. We are excited to report that more than 200 non-members signed up to Experience MLA, and the different events attracted over 1,200 total registrations.

Thank you to all the caucus, domain hub, and committee members who planned and presented more than 40 high-quality and thoughtful events. Ranging from workshops and education sessions to panel discussions, presentations, and a drag queen story hour, you helped highlight the exciting diversity of the health sciences information profession and helped attendees make new connections. Look below to find recordings of events you may have missed.

And thank you to MLA members who participated, invited non-member colleagues, and expressed interest in MLA communities. And above all, thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for the profession. If there was an event you wanted to attend but couldn’t, look through our event recordings below to get the content you missed.

Even though February is over, we hope that Experience MLA month gave you a renewed appreciation for the work you do and for your medlibs peers.

Want to continue your MLA experience? Join MLA and you'll not only get more opportunities to connect with other medlibs, but you'll also get the continuing education developed for your profession. Discounted registration to MLA '22. Advocacy tools, resources, and activities to help you and your colleagues. And a wide range of communities where you can take part in the ongoing discussions and continue the conversations.

Make your professional journey more meaningful. Experience MLA.

Check out the recordings of previous sessions.

More questions? Contact Jim, Kate, or Tomi!

Experience MLA 2022 Recordings

(All available recordings linked below. Some events not recorded by caucus request.)
Session Title & Recording Link Passcode Date
Research Caucus: Designing Surveys that Effectively Get the Information you Need
n/a February 3 
African American Medical Librarians Alliance Caucus: Words of Wisdom-Session 1

s*64*Eg@ February 3 
Systematic Review Caucus: Update & Networking Experience!

@xDMXl83 February 4
Technical Services Caucus: BIBFRAME & NLM Cataloging Updates

P3qfIta@ February 4
Technology in Education Caucus: My Favorite Tool   ^wv1Df2@ February 8
New Members Caucus: My Librarian Origin Story - Career Paths for Medical Librarians  2.L+&j0X February 9
Public Health/Health Administration Caucus: How the Sewell Award Advances Librarians’ Work in Public Health: Highlights from Awardees xg3*jUWZ February 9
Hospital Library Caucus: Drag Queen Story Hour
 =0d*!G?A February 10
African American Medical Librarians Alliance Caucus: Words of Wisdom (Session 2) $J2Gz3s7 February 10
Health Humanities Caucus: Health Humanities Hands On! B7S6K@0K February 11
International Cooperation Caucus: Experience MLA with the ICC!  #+Fe0C8Z February 11
MLA Scholarly Communications Caucus: Mixer   7zSq@=EY February 14
Animal and Veterinary Information Specialist Caucus: Demonstration of the New "Searching for Animal Literature" Interface and a Discussion of "Why MLA?"  Q+Jl^j2e February 15
Leadership & Management Caucus: Being Compassionate with Ourselves
 3J9@.v1L February 15
Information Services Domain Hub: In the Aftermath: How a Global Pandemic Changed Information Services @4D#MakV February 16
Pediatric Librarians Caucus: Open House  jz@P$N0c February 17
Clinical Librarians and Evidence-Based Healthcare Caucus: Applications of EBP in Healthcare
Slides: Virtual Rounds/Morning Report/Evidence Summary Email/Virtua Ovid Synthesis
 $ZHNA7hh February 17
Medical Library Education Caucus: Tips and Tricks for Online Instructional Videos yJ8*kM$= February 18
African American Medical Librarians Alliance: Analyzing the Legacy of Henrietta Lacks: HeLa Cell Impact on Research !4PW^5=8 February 22
Libraries in Health Sciences Curriculums Caucus: The Wild and Wonderful World of Health Sciences Curriculums: Results from a Survey  2n^cXp.% February 23
Medical Library Education Caucus with the Professional Recruitment and Retention Committee: Career Dexterity Panel Discussion  l7Vt+ZE= February 23
Basic Science Caucus: Making Sense of Basic Science When You Are Not a Scientist ?jbk9m+n February 24
African American Medical Librarians Alliance: Words of Wisdom (Session 3)


February 24
Promoting IPEP-related Library Services in the Age of Covid xgG?%3$c February 24
Open House: Introducing the Academic Librarians Caucus  .Vdgi89p February 28