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Visit MEDLIB-ED anytime to access over 80 MLA webinars and courses and over 150 MLA-approved educational offerings from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NNLM). 

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Sharing it Ethically: Research Lifecycle Support for Sharing Human Participants Data

Live Webinar | November 28, 2023 | 1 - 2:30 pm CT

Increase your value as the librarian on a systematic review team by learning how to advise and educate teams on the power of data visualizations. Librarians on review teams are able to support the creation of a high-quality review. Few are able to advise on how to clearly and effectively communicate the review process and results in publications and presentations. Become one of the few!

Caitlin Bakker, a Lead Information Specialist for a Cochrane Collaboration and experienced data visualization instructor, and Erin Reardon, an experienced member of review teams and review co-author, will show you how PRISMA charts, forest plots, funnel plots, “traffic lights,” and other types of data visualizations can highlight biases, demonstrate rigor, and effectively summarize key review findings.

You’ll leave the webinar with new data visualization skills and knowledge that increase your value to review teams and new confidence in your ability to advise teams on data visualizations.

This webinar is an approved elective for the Level II of the Systematic Review Services Specialization. It is available as part of the SRSS Level II Learning Pathway.

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Sharing it Ethically: Research Lifecycle Support for Sharing Human Participants Data

Live Webinar | December 13, 2023 | 1 - 2:30 pm CT

Documenting and sharing search strategies and archiving search-related data seems like it should be easy, especially with guidance from PRISMA-S and other reporting guidelines. But, even the bare minimum needed to document and archive search strategies and search-related data is complex and nuanced.

Melissa Rethlefsen, a reporting guideline author, and Mark MacEachern, an experienced searcher, both of whom have extensively studied search reporting and reproducibility, will show you how to balance what is ideal with what is practical and reasonable.

You’ll learn best practices for documenting and archiving search strategies and search-related data to ensure search and review reproducibility, and you’ll get an insider’s view on the debates and challenges surrounding these best practices.

This webinar is required for Level II of the Systematic Review Services Specialization.

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“I always learn from every [webinar] I've taken, even with my long length of service. Good for us old timers to keep up with new trends and offerings."

Sharing it Ethically: Research Lifecycle Support for Sharing Human Participants Data

Live Webinar | January 10, 2024 | 1 - 2:30 pm CT

The most powerful and effective way to show the value of your library’s services and to make decisions about improving your services is with evidence. The best way to get evidence is by employing a proven, structured approach to library assessment. Learn this approach from Holt Zaugg, editor of Assessing Academic Library Performance: A Handbook and coordinator or lead on over 100 academic library assessments.

If you are a health sciences, academic, or public librarian at any level who wants to be able to assess your library’s value and collect data for decision-making and add to your value to your library, this “how-to” webinar is for you. No assessment experience is required.

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Sharing it Ethically: Research Lifecycle Support for Sharing Human Participants Data

Instructor-Led Virtual Course | January 17 & 24, 2024 | 10:00 a.m.–12:30 p.m. CT

Are you new to strategic planning or looking for a fresh and inclusive approach to planning that will make an impact?

Cinthya Ippoliti, a library director boasting more than 22 years of leadership and active involvement in strategic planning initiatives, will be your guide in learning how to lead and participate in a strategic planning process. An adept strategic planning instructor, Ippoliti will guide you through an approach that places individuals at the core, scrutinizes assumptions guiding decisions, and encourages a perspective that views planning as a chance to glean insights and adapt to evolving circumstances that results in a practical and executable plan.

You’ll leave the course with skills, know-how, and materials that will enable you to effectively lead or participate in strategic planning at your institution.

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Sharing it Ethically: Research Lifecycle Support for Sharing Human Participants Data

If you are looking for a way to advance your career, become more valuable in your workplace, and contribute to the research base that supports evidence-based medicine, developing systematic review services skills may be one of the best ways to accomplish these goals!

Feedback from individuals who earned their Level I Systematic Review Services Specialization certificate shows that earning the certificate can open up opportunities to become co-author on reviews, a leader in developing a systematic review service, and the “go to” librarian for review services. See Highlights of a Survey of Level I Systematic Review Services Specialization Certificate Holders for much more about the benefits of a Level I certificate.

To make it easier to earn your Level I or Level II SRSS certificate, from October 18, 2023 through May 30, 2024, MLA offers discounted packages of courses for each SRSS Level.

The SRSS Level I Learning Pathway: 8 Level I SRSS required courses and 4 electives needed to earn a Level I certificate at a discount of 30%, PLUS we waive the application fee (members: $99; nonmembers: $129) AND we include more electives and all the electives we add through October 2024, making the total savings more than 40%.

The SRSS Level II Learning Pathway: All Level II SRSS required courses and all MLA webinars and on-demand electives at a discount of nearly 30% of the total cost of the courses needed to earn Level II, PLUS we waive the application fee (members: $99; nonmembers: $129) AND we all the electives we add through October 2024.

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What else can you do with your CE?

Did you know that you can use your MLA CE to become a member of the Academy of Health Information Professionals (AHIP), MLA’s credentialing program? In a survey of 560 members of the Academy of Health Information Professionals (AHIP), over half agreed that AHIP membership helped them advance in their career or was required or recommended for a position they’ve held or applied for or a raise they sought or attained. Learn about AHIP and how it can help you grow as a professional and increase your professional stature. AHIP is open to MLA members and non-members.

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If you have any questions, please contact Debra Cavanaugh, Director of Professional Development, or Barry Grant, Director of Education.