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Latinx Caucus

Members: 79     Discussions: 222     Files: 13

Recognizing that Latinx comprise 16.3% (U.S. Census, 2010) of the US population but are disproportionately underrepresented by the broader health community, our purpose is to lead efforts to acknowledge and address issues related to or affecting Latinx.

Our goals are to:

  1. Support and promote successful programs addressing health issues unique to Latinx;
  2. Focus on diversifying the profession through scope and representation consistent with the demographics of Latinx communities by developing programs in mentoring and leadership for Latinx Librarians;
  3. Advocate for Latinx inclusion in library and scientific research to increase Latinx representation in publications, policies, and decisions;
  4. Establish meaningful partnerships with individuals, caucuses, professional organizations, and community organizations aligned with our purpose;
  5. Provide leadership directed at recruiting, retaining, and supporting diverse librarians;
  6. Create repository of information on the expert skills and special talents and abilities of minority, particularly Latinx, librarians in MLA;
  7. Assist medical librarians and information professionals recognize and understand dynamics of Latino culture, including the diversity within Latinx populations;
  8. Help identify best practices in building collection and information resources in libraries and information centers to address Latino community health information needs; and
  9. Support the provision of public services to the Latinx populations that our MLA constituency serves.

Latino Leaders 

Aidy Weeks, AHIP
Chair; Community Council Alternate
Bredny Rodriguez
University of California, San Diego
Diana Almader-Douglas, AHIP
Mayo Clinic
Immediate Past Chair; Community Council Representative