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Find Your Next Hire Here!

Make the right connection with the right candidate. MLA can help you reach and connect with the most qualified health information candidates. When you post your job opening on the MLA job board, it gets attention. MLA’s job ads are one of the pages with the highest traffic on MLANET, drawing the attention of leaders in the health information profession.

Ads appear on MLANET for four weeks. Ads are posted weekly on Wednesdays.

Each job ad listing is for one position title only. Please post separate ads, if you have more than one opening.

Placing Your Job Ad Order

To get started, build your job ad using MLA’s job ad template, an easy-to-use framework that identifies key elements a candidate seeks such as:

  • general information on your institution and the position
  • detailed job description
  • detailed position requirements
  • salary information (Please note that all "Positions Available" require salary information to be approved for posting. You must publish a minimum salary; a salary range is preferred.)
  • information about your company’s core values and culture

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New Upgrade Options

Featured. Make your job one of the first seen by job seekers for four weeks. Now, you will be able to identify your job post as a featured job. Featured jobs are posted on the MLANET home page for their duration. Shine a spotlight on your job and get more candidates!

Company logo/photo. Enhance your brand and provide more recognition. Stand out from the crowd! Include your company logo or photo for better brand recognition and visibility. The job logo is a JPEG or GIF of your company logo or institution that you can add to your job ad.

Complimentary additional employer info. Sometimes candidates want more information on an employer. Now, at no additional charge, you can include links to more detailed information on your company’s core values and culture. When you include this information, more potential employees who are the right fit can find your company as a natural part of their search.

Rates and Billing


Institutional Members

Advertising Agencies, Individual Members,
& Nonmembers

4-week post






As is



With changes









Company logo/photo



  • Any existing ad may be run again for an additional 4 weeks immediately following the original 4-week posting on MLANET (totaling 8 consecutive weeks) for an additional $175.
  • MLA accepts credit card payment. Payment must be made prior to posting a job ad.

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The weekly deadline for posting job ads is Tuesday, noon, central time. Ads will be posted the next day, Wednesday, by noon, central time.

Additional Information

All ads received will be acknowledged via email. If you do not receive an acknowledgment, please contact Jim Westwood, 312.419.9094.

Discounts are not available to advertising agencies or individual MLA Members.

MLA reserves the right to edit for clarity and MLA style.

If your job qualifications include membership in the Academy of Health Information Professionals or completion of the MLA Consumer Health Information Specialization, please use the following phrasing: “Membership in the Academy of Health Information Professionals required/preferred” or “Completion of MLA’s Consumer Health Information Specialization program required/preferred.”